Future-focused, multi-industry Jaidah Group implements Syncron Inventory to increase performance and enhance customer satisfaction through efficient parts availability.


STOCKHOLM May 25, 2023 – Syncron today announced that Jaidah Group, a leading Qatari conglomerate providing services in the industrial supply, energy, automotive and heavy equipment sectors, has selected Syncron Inventory to optimize its parts inventory for increased service levels and a superior customer experience.

In selecting an inventory management solution, Jaidah Group wanted an intuitive platform that enables efficient forecasting and planning for their complex inventory needs.

“We are dealing with around 185,000 SKUs as a group, and once we are done with all stages of the implementation, we will be covering 126 brands under Syncron and around 1,500 transactions per day,” said Ralf Zimmermann, group director of after sales, Jaidah Group. “Multiplying 185,000 SKUs by 1,500 daily transactions shows the complexity our parts organization has to handle.”

In partnering with Syncron, Jaidah Group gains an essential tool for increasing service levels with an optimized inventory. “If we are not using any smart tools like Syncron, the turnaround time for decision-making is quite time-consuming, considering the wider brand portfolio and depth of parts lines in Jaidah Group,” said Akram Shaik, group parts inventory manager, Jaidah Group. “With the help of this platform in place, we can save many working hours.”

Syncron Inventory is an intelligent inventory management platform that optimizes parts inventory for a more connected, reliable, profitable and customer-centric aftermarket business. Syncron Inventory simplifies and automates complex processes, increases parts availability, reduces supply chain costs and maximizes efficiency.

Syncron Inventory also fine-tunes forecasting accuracy for swift, precise inventory adjustments. “We are now in a situation where we feel more confident about the inventory and ordering decisions we are making,” said Shaik. “We are heading in the right direction—toward a much healthier inventory situation.”

“With an advanced solution for inventory management, businesses like Jaidah Group can reduce excess or obsolete inventory up to 7%, allowing them to invest in the customer experience,” said Anneliese Schulz, chief revenue officer, Syncron. “By ensuring access to the right parts and optimizing the entire aftermarket business, Syncron Inventory is a sustainable, long-term solution that can grow and evolve alongside its partners.”

Syncron Inventory is an essential component of the Syncron Connected Service Experience (CSX) Cloud, an artificial intelligence (AI)- and machine learning (ML)-driven platform built to help manufacturers and service organizations transform their approach to service lifecycle management (SLM), from beginning to end.

To learn more about Syncron Inventory, visit syncron.com/inventory.

About Jaidah Group

Jaidah Group is one of Qatar’s leading multi-industry conglomerates, offering services in the industrial supply, energy, automotive and heavy equipment sectors. Established in 1898 and passed down generations of the Jaidah family, Jaidah Group has been a recognized force of trade for over 100 years and counting. Founded to consolidate its various businesses and provide the ultimate in well-rounded and complete services, the Group now boasts an array of over 100 globally-recognized brands. For more, visit jaidah.com.