Syncron white paper predicts a push into servitization strategies this year.

Experts from Accenture, Daimler Trucks North America, Spartan Motors, Carlisle & Company, Bocconi University and Syncron Share Strategies to Succeed in the Years Ahead

To help manufacturers navigate one of the most transformative times in history, Syncron, a provider of cloud-based after-sales service solutions focused on empowering the world’s leading manufacturers to maximize product uptime and deliver exceptional customer experiences, today published “2019 After-sales Service Predictions: Powering the Journey to Servitization Through Maximized Product Uptime.”

Service experts from Accenture, Daimler Trucks North America, Spartan Motors, Carlisle & Company, Bocconi University and Syncron shared insights on the time, resources and technology manufacturers will need to win in 2019 and beyond.

Servitization – where organizations transition from selling one-off products to selling the outcome or value those products deliver – is leading manufacturers to evolve their after-sales service operations from reactive, break-fix models focused on repair execution, to a new paradigm focused on dynamic repair prevention and maximizing product uptime. In this new white paper, Syncron unveils how manufacturers can succeed in this shift to servitization.

“In this new era of servitization, the responsibility for ensuring maximized product uptime is shifting from the end-user to the manufacturer,” said Gary Brooks, CMO at Syncron. “This new business model will require manufacturers to find ways to increase cost efficiencies throughout the entire value chain, ultimately driving them to completely transform business logic, company cultures and product development strategies. Today’s global manufacturers are at a pivotal point in their storied histories, and those that adapt to the changing climate will be the ones to come out on top.”

The key predictions included in the white paper include:

  1. The Time for Manufacturers to Begin Shifting to Servitization is Now
  2. Manufacturers Must Intelligently Allocate the Resources Behind an Evolving Industry
  3. Adopting the Right Technology is Crucial to Making Servitization a Reality

In addition, the white paper includes a foreword by Syncron CEO, Anders Grudén, plus further details about the future of after-sales service and immediate next steps for manufacturers to take as they begin 2019.

“We interviewed multiple industry experts – the best-of-the-best around the globe, to compile this expert advice,” continued Brooks. “This white paper will serve as an ultimate guide for manufacturers to establish business plans for not only 2019, but also several years down the road.”

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