Blue Star Increases Service Revenue while Reducing Costs by 60 Percent

Can you imagine a geographic region where every third commercial building contained your installed product? That’s market penetration. Blue Star is India’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company. Their integrated business model of a manufacturer, contractor, and after-sales service provider enables them to offer an end-to-end solution to its customers, which has proved to be a significant differentiator in the marketplace.


Struggles with Manual Maintenance Management

Blue Star serves 4000 plus Channel Partners and operates a service organization consisting of more than 8000 Technicians.  Every month, the company manages 300-500K service tickets and 30-50K Annual Maintenance Contracts registrations.

With this scale came complications. Historically, Blue Star operated multiple, disparate systems for service and support. Each department within the company had a unique set of workflows and processing requirements, primarily performed manually due to limitations of their system’s configuration. This environment required a large back-office staff to perform these cumbersome, complex, and time-consuming processes. These proved costly and challenged their customer relations.

Additionally, Blue Star was also missing revenue opportunities because they lacked functionality and automated processes to sell Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs).


Syncron Provides Blue Star a Connected Service Experience

Blue Star’s challenges proved to them the need to automate Warranty and Service Management. After an extensive global search for a single system solution, they selected Syncron for a Connected Service Experience.

Syncron combined multiple disparate systems (and their SAP ERP) into one unified and connected application that serves Administrators, Channel Partners, and end-user customers. This unification allowed for easy navigation, interaction, and integration between different types of service transactions.

Opportunity management functionality enabled Blue Star to proactively generate AMCs for new products and generate renewals for expiring AMCs, building a lucrative, ongoing post-sale revenue stream.

Syncron platform accessibility through native mobile apps enabled Channel Partners and BlueStar Field Service Administrators to easily access and process transactions assigned to them from every location.

Blue Star also gained needed visibility from single-system management. Configurable Reports/Analytics available to Channel Partners and internal users provide a 360-degree view and actionable insights related to KPIs, Channel Partner payout, service events, and other relevant Install Base data.

Components of Syncron’s Connected Service Experience for Blue Star

Built on Syncron’s Connected Service Experience, Blue Star implemented Syncron SmartBlox components, including:

  • Service Plans – Grow service revenues by increasing attach rates and renewals
  • Registration – Register products and track warranty entitlements
  • Returns – Manage returns and RMA tracking, generation, and reverse logistics
  • Orders – Simplify parts orders by channel partners
  • Service – Optimize end-to-end service fulfillment and execution
  • Support – Access support from multiple channels (web and mobile)
  • Inspections – Perform inspections related to PM and other maintenance tasks
  • Knowledge – Manage access to all knowledge resources.

The Syncron system benefitted Blue Star with streamlined processes, improved transaction visibility by management, increased service revenue, and reduced IT support costs. Labor costs were reduced by 60%.