How to Create Customer Innovations Around Fully Connected Service Lifecycle Management

The way a consumer interacts with a durable goods manufacturer, retailer, or distributor today on how equipment is purchased, used, and maintained is rapidly changing. In the past, manufacturers focused in the short term on the initial transaction, and the after-sale of parts and service was an afterthought. Increasingly, manufacturers realize that the support and service that their distribution channel provides to end users is increasingly vital in attracting new and returning customers.

Further, the value equation of the sales engagement must also be optimized toward a model that provides the greatest value to customers at the lowest possible cost over the entire lifecycle of the service offering.

In this session, we discuss recent innovations around full-service lifecycle management (SLM). The number of software solutions available under the SLM umbrella of digital transformation is rapidly expanding, evolving though the use of automation, machine learning, and AI. At the same time, it is converging into a powerful end-to-end, interconnected system that enables the optimization of customer value derived and defining outcomes. From diagnostic performance systems measuring uptime to inventory, pricing, field service and warranty management, functional silos are being busted, and intelligence is being proliferated across roles and levels across the service function and driving a transformational change in service experience and profitability. In this session, you will gain a clearer understanding about our vision and journey to provide a connected service experience (CSX).