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Syncron D2D

Optimize your dealer network for greater customer satisfaction

Boost horizontal interaction across the supply chains to make it easier for independent dealers to transact with one another

  • Reduce Downtime and Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Decrease Overall Network Inventory
  • Reduce Future Part Returns
  • Reduce Expediting Costs
  • Reduce Excess Stock in the dealer network
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Dealer to Dealer Inventory Solution Named an OEM Off-Highway 2022 Top New Product

Keep backorders filled quickly for end-customers

When a stock-out occurs due to supplier shortage or environmental circumstances, you may not have enough inventory in your warehouse network to fulfil dealer orders. These unfulfilled orders are then backordered, which causes downtime and dissatisfaction for your end customers. An efficient dealer-to-dealer (D2D) solution can help you mitigate warehouse shortages and improve customer service by leveraging dealers as an extension of your supply chain.


Reduce shipping costs and part returns by reusing parts that would be otherwise returned to the distribution center.


Improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by making items available to fulfill backorders.


Reduce obsolete inventory that ties up space and capital at dealers by automatically fulfilling an order at another dealer.


Reduce the time it takes for an end customer to receive an ordered item by offering same-day delivery within 24 hours.


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Exceed your margins and sustainability goals

Backorder Recovery

Allow your dealers to fulfil orders much more quickly by identifying potential selling dealers throughout the dealer network.

  • Minimize the end-customer wait time to receive the ordered part
  • Reduce transportation costs, time, and environmental impact
  • Raise acceptance rate and service level to the end customer
  • Improve participation rate and real-time interaction
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Cut down on end-user waiting time

With automatically initiated D2D processes, you can conduct a thorough dealer network stock search in real time to reduce the end-customer wait time to receive the ordered part.

Attain Sustainability Goals

You can now easily search for dealers who have enough stock to fulfill customer orders, increasing their chances of responding first to the request while minimizing transportation time and cost.

Maintain Optimum Service Levels

Our dealer portal gives you access to all the information you need to make your request, allowing your dealers to decide on their own whether to sell the item.

Increase Dealer Participation

With our brand-new D2D mobile app, you can easily accept or reject D2D requests to broaden dealer participation and speed up transactions between independent dealers.
Elevate dealer network visibility

Item Locator

You can streamline your spare parts supply chain into cooperative and sustainable supply chain networks by utilizing our Item Locator to gain visibility into the stock situation across the entire dealer network.

  • Rapidly locates the closest potential stock locations in the event of stock-outs
  • Simplify and automate your items locator process to quickly fulfil urgent end-user demands
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Find Spare Parts Rapidly and Effectively

By combining geographic data with inventory availability, you can enable your customers to locate an item from the closest possible dealer in the event of a stock out.

Make your Item Locator Process Easier

With our item sourcing engine, you can easily select search criteria to view multiple items at once, along with stock balances, replacement chains, and their locations within the dealer network.

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