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Syncron Uptime

Employ real-time information from your equipment through IoT to proactively replace service parts before your customers’ equipment fails.

As manufacturers enter the era of servitization – where OEMs are pivoting from selling products to selling the outcomes of those products – improving both the customer experience and financial performance requires the true optimization of the entire after-sales service experience. OEMs must work diligently to optimize the performance of their break-fix service businesses, while simultaneously developing and deploying new business models and technology to enable the transition to selling products-as-a-service.

According to Syncron’s recent research, 70 percent of OEMs are currently gathering data from sensor-equipped products in the field. And, with that percentage expected to grow over the next 7-10 years, new revenue streams will begin to emerge, driving the need for new business models while simultaneously introducing significant challenges in terms of managing massive volumes of data.

• How do you make product data actionable?

• How do you leverage new technologies to monitor and maintain equipment in the field?

• What solution will not only meet the needs of today, but also the future of servitization?

Ultimately, nearly 100 percent of end users expect maximized product uptime, but only 33 percent of manufacturers equipped to meet those expectations today. Managing these new challenges, along with the optimization of service parts inventory and price management, requires manufacturers to reach a point of maturity where they can successfully face the challenges of today’s increasingly demanding customers landscape. And, in a world tilting toward a fully-servitized after-sales service experience, exceeding customer demands means putting a dedicated focus on maximized product uptime.



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Syncron Uptime
Understand customer equipment behavior.

With Syncron Uptime™, understand the location of your customers’ equipment in real-time, along with how the equipment is being used – enabling more accurate decisions on inventory level and price.

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Syncron Uptime
Replace parts before they break.

The predictive maintenance feature of Syncron Uptime™ will connect to your equipment through IoT to gain information on part lifetime status and schedule maintenance events to proactively replace parts before they break.

Syncron Uptime
Coordinate maintenance events seamlessly.

When having to plan an extra maintenance event to avoid a part failure, it’s advisable to also replace parts planned for regular service events. Syncron will connect into your maintenance system to coordinate maintenance events.

Syncron Uptime
Syncron Uptime™ with MasterData

Knowing that a part is about to fail won’t help the equipment uptime process unless your supply chain can recognize the part number. Use Syncron MasterData to resolve any master data issues and keep track of your supply chain.

Syncron Uptime
Syncron Uptime™ with Analytics

Monitor equipment location and runtime parameters in real-time using Syncron Analytics. Create your own Syncron Uptime™ ad hoc reports based on sensor data gathered through IoT.

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