Service Excellence Awards

Celebrating excellence in after-sales service organizations.

Nominate by 16 Oct
2020 Service Excellence Awards

After-sales service organizations have persevered through incredibly challenging times in the past year. Many faced complete supply chain disruption caused by border and plant closures, unpredictable demand and new virtual working environments. Yet, time and time again, we saw real-life heroes emerge across the industry.

This year, for the 2020 Service Excellence Awards we want to specifically recognize and honor after-sales service teams and individuals who committed themselves to leadership, innovation and strength during this ongoing pandemic. We want to showcase the people and organizations who have stories and the forward-looking vision our industry will be inspired by.

OEMs found new ways to serve customers, more efficient ways of operating that protected revenue and the livelihoods of workers, whole operations that transformed to provide PPE and critical medical supplies and freight operations that kept toilet paper and sanitizer on the shelves.

If this this sound like you or your organization, we want to celebrate you. Nominate before October 16! Winners will be announced October 23.

Nominate by 16 Oct

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Last year we were all able to celebrate together at Innovate2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. This year we’ll be celebrating virtually!

All recipients of the Syncron Service Excellence Awards 2020 will be honored with the following;

  • An invitation for up to 3 people in the organization to participate in a virtual professional chef cooking event hosted by the Syncron Executive team. In November, several date options will be available to accommodate every time zone and culinary taste. If we can’t raise a glass together in person, meeting virtually in all of our home kitchens is sure to be memorable and fun!
  • A professionally produced and edited 2 minute virtual interview to share the achievement of the respective category*
  • Mention in a press release of all 2020 award recipients*
  • An internal communication kit to share within the organization

*Any marketing materials associated with the awards program will be approved by the organization prior to distribution.

Nominate by 16 Oct

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Service Excellence Award

This category recognizes OEMs using either Syncron Retail Inventory Management or Syncron Global Inventory Management that met the challenges of the pandemic head on.

Brands honored in this category may have stories of how they pivoted or optimized operations to maintain the critical inventory needed for their customers, navigated volatile demand or found new ways to maintain SLA’s or applied unique innovation to keep supply chains operating.

Nominate by 16 Oct
Service Excellence Award

This category recognizes OEMs using Syncron Price that have significantly transformed their service parts pricing strategy to be more automated, optimized and responsive to the marketplace, while maintaining – or increasing – customer satisfaction.

Organizations honored in this category demonstrate positive results across the organization, including working with sales, improvements in quoting, supplier negotiation and revenue or margin increases.

Nominate by 16 Oct
Service Excellence Award

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, OEMs had to make critical decisions fast and efficiently. In 2020 this category recognizes OEMs that demonstrated rapid evolution and innovation of their operations, teams or service strategy to achieve significant, quantitative outcomes.

These OEMs are admirable in moving quickly and are on the cutting edge of service and technology.

Nominate by 16 Oct
Service Excellence Award

This category recognizes OEMs that fundamentally changed their business operations during the pandemic.

Organizations honored in this category made big bold decisions to support the greater-good of a community, geography or global impact.

Nominate by 16 Oct
Service Excellence Award

This special award category will honor individuals who demonstrated tremendous leadership and strength during a challenging time.

These individuals embody a vision for the future of after-sales service and demonstrate leadership qualities to play an instrumental role in shaping the future of service delivery.

Nominate by 16 Oct

Required Nomination Criteria

Organization is currently using a Syncron solution

Organization is using technology, systems design or business models that are innovative and creative

Organization can produce results and achievements, both quantitative and qualitative 

Submission Deadline

16 Oct. 2020


Final award winners will be announced on 23 Oct. 2020.

Nominate by 16 Oct