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Around the world, many of us are facing a new reality – the world as we knew it changed within a matter of weeks. It’s no secret that this has been a challenging time, and by now we are all well aware of the economic uncertainties that the COVID-19 pandemic has created.

It’s now more important than ever to have the resources in place to positively impact business continuity, financial performance and customer loyalty. What OEMs do today will have a dramatic impact on their business as the world endures and ultimately recovers from the impacts of the novel coronavirus.

To help manufacturers around the world navigate this crisis and succeed in the ‘new normal,’ we launched InSync, a digital newsletter that provides the tools and resources companies need to make a positive impact on their business – both in the near- and long-term. Our goal is to provide valuable insights into key industry trends, after-sales service best practices and getting the most from Syncron Service Cloud solutions – all to empower manufacturers to improve financial performance and the customer experience.

For more information, check out the short Q&A below.

What can I expect to get from InSync?

InSync includes:

  • Feature articles that highlight industry news, trends, how-to advice and more
  • Access to key upcoming events (both digital and in-person, when applicable!)
  • In-depth looks at how the Syncron Service Cloud can help solve real-world business challenges

Check out a sample of InSync.

Who should subscribe?

InSync is tailored for after-sales service, pricing and digital transformation leaders, but anyone in the manufacturing industry can benefit from its insights.

How will the newsletter provide value to my job and my company?

We believe that there are essentially two paths companies will take as they emerge from the COVID-19 health crisis: either stronger and more resilient, or vulnerable and at risk of losing market share to competitors. For manufacturers in particular, after-sales service optimization provides a key area of opportunity to:

  • Generate a more predictable, high-margin revenue stream
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention

InSync provides the necessary resources to achieve these goals.

How often will I receive it?

InSync will arrive monthly, around the first week of every month. 

The team at Syncron is committed to ensuring manufacturers’ success at every stage of the service business transformation journey. Our team – and InSync – will continue to help the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing brands provide exceptional after-sales service. We look forward to communicating with our readers both now and into the future.

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