TICO Uses Syncron Inventory to Shift to Centrally Controlled ERP System

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TICO forklifts

One of the most established organizations in Japan, Toyota Industries Corporation is a major player on the world’s manufacturing stage.

A source enterprise of the Toyota Group, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) serves as a manufacturing and sales group of automobile, material handling equipment and textile machinery. TICO implemented Syncron Inventory to shift from manual processing to a centrally controlled ERP system.


With mature organizations comes a need for evolution-friendly ERP systems. The challenge Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) was facing was that their previous order calculations and KPI statics were manually processed in Excel, making manual processing unsustainable and too reliant on manpower. TICO needed to improve its inventory control approach with an ERP replacement, and the adoption of a third party system to replace the in-house system, specifically for a new material handling equipment sales organization in Brazil.


What TICO needed was a system that included stock level automated functionalities, along with point specialization in inventory control of after-sales spare parts – which is exactly what Syncron Inventory provides. Because the team was able to set the stock level easily – and at a higher performance than originally expected – TICO was able to leverage the Syncron solution at the right pace and a low implementation cost. And, because it’s a cloud-based system, TICO can now view and monitor how the system is operated on a specific inventory level.


With the piloting of an inventory control project testing the performance of a Brazilian sales company, TICO is preparing to roll out the Syncron Inventory solution to apply as a standardized metric across the organization. By gaining a better service level understanding at the Brazilian site, and experiencing stock and air cost reduction, TICO plans to build an updated system that creates a more efficient environment for inventory control. The company’s long-term goal is to ultimately raise the inventory control level of each sales company and agency, establishing a parts supply system that satisfies all global practices.