Terex Adopts a Streamlined Approach to Inventory Management With Syncron

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Syncron Inventory digitally transformed Terex parts inventory operations, simplifying and automating complex processes, increasing parts availability, and improving productivity. With Syncron Inventory, Terex gains an intuitive platform designed to support optimization across inventory operations.

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Paul Kearney, Vice President, Parts & Services, Materials Processing, Terex Corporation:
There has been a significant drive by Terex in the last five years to drive excellence in the parts and service business.

Dmitry Shurmin, Director, Global Forecasting, Inventory Planning, Reporting and Data Analytics, Terex Corporation:
In aftersales, inventory management definitely plays an essential role. Materials constitute a very important resource input to production or service system. When machine exploitation including its maintenance process is robust and convenient, it definitely improves the customer experience, satisfaction, loyalty.

Leo McElgunn, Global Master Planner, Terex Corporation:
Our previous planning tools was previous generation and was designed more to support production planning than an aftermarket’s environment, and that didn’t have the flexibility for us to plan different demand types as we would like. It was a very manual system and it required a lot of planner input. It also had a per-user interface, which didn’t allow users to see what was driving the output.

Hunter Todd, Materials Manager, Terex Corporation:
We just didn’t have the tools that we really needed to be industry leaders. One of the things that got us most excited about Syncron is we finally found a system that looked like it was an actual built-for-purpose system for the aftermarket. One of the largest benefits that’s been noticed by the team immediately is just the efficiency of processes and the speed in which we’re now able to accomplish our inventory.

Dmitry Shurmin:
Implementation of Syncron’s solution, we have recognized this additional opportunity to collect together all valuable heritage, what our colleagues accumulated in the last years, review it, harmonize, they can essence, and finally define a standard, efficient business process that we can apply across all Terex organizations.

Leo McElgunn:
Having implemented Synchron across multiple sites and multiple countries, we now have a system that is easy for our team to use, and that’s transparent to them. This allows us to give best-in-class service to our customers and gives us an edge over our competition.

Paul Kearney:
Syncron is very focused on parts and aftermarket as a vendor. It doesn’t try to be a generic product to the full industry. So that focus on parts and the aftermarket business probably was one of the key things that drove our decision to partner with Syncron.