Bileko Car Parts Streamlines Syncron Inventory Management

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Syncron Inventory digitalized inventory operations for Bileko Car Parts, eliminating manual processes for increased efficiency. Syncron enabled Bileko Car Parts to set inventory policies, connecting products to a matrix and establishing ground rules rather than working with individual profiles. With Syncron, Bileko Car Parts gains an easy-to-use platform and an experienced customer support team to help them achieve a more resilient, efficient supply chain. 

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Linus Persson, Supply Chain Manager, Bileko Car Parts:

My name is Linus Persson and I’m Supply Chain Manager in Bileko Car Parts and Mekonomen Company Sweden. 

Therese Nilsson, Logistics Planner, Bileko Car Parts:

My name is Therese. I work as a Logistics Planner, and I’m also the Team Leader of the group that manages the inventory levels in all our local warehouses.

Jimmy Landgren, Demand Planner Specialist, Bileko Car Parts:

My name is Jimmy. I’m a Demand Planner, so I’m responsible for the stock levels at our central warehouse and I’m also responsible for the forecasts we do that are sent to our suppliers.

Linus Persson:

We were looking for a system that could help us all the way from a supplier to our central warehouse and out to our local sales and distribution centers. When you have 340 stores and more than 400 million SKUs, you need a user-friendly system.

Jimmy Landgren:

As we are in the automotive aftermarket, we do have a lot of suppliers from all over the world and we have car parts that fit a whole wide range of car models. So there are a lot of functionalities in Syncron that we use to differentiate.

Therese Nilsson:

Since we started using Syncron Inventory, we have definitely increased our availability in the local warehouses, and we have reduced obsolete inventory.

Linus Persson:

One of the key attributes that we liked already from the beginning was the inventory policies where you connect the product to a matrix and you set the ground rules for this instead of working with individual profiles.

Jimmy Landgren:

Thanks to the forecasts we do send out to our suppliers, our relationships with all our suppliers have gotten even better and are tighter now than before.

Linus Persson:

he implementation with Syncron solution was smooth and very fast. And as in all partnerships, the more we work together on a regular basis, we understand each other and can prioritize what we need to do to get the job done.