The Service Supply Chain in Action

The service supply chain is what makes service organizations tick. Download your complimentary copy of The Service Council white paper.

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The service supply chain is what makes service organizations tick, especially when we think about equipment-centric service. Without the right part, service is incomplete. Without the right part in the right hands at the right time, service is ineffective and the experience delivered to the end customer is inconsistent and incomplete. The major business objectives of service-oriented organizations are heavily impacted by the service parts business. Predictability cannot be achieved without improved parts planning. Revenue growth is heavily tied to part availability, part pricing, and part sales. Efficiency in service cannot be attained without the right parts. And when it comes to profitability, establishing the right level of inventory to meet customer needs and to ensure financial flexibility is paramount.

This document highlights key takeaways from TSC’s 2015 research of 125 organizations and their service supply chains. The research focuses on highlighting the current state of service supply chains, the near-term challenges; and the potential areas of innovation and change that can dramatically impact supply chains in the near future.