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Syncron Uptime

Improve your customer experience by detecting equipment failures sooner, increasing product reliability, and delivering exceptional aftermarket service experiences.

Enable your Operations and Field Service teams to proactively identify anomalies and predict failures to eliminate unplanned downtime, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership over a product’s lifetime to improve market share, generate consistent revenue and protect margins.

Syncron Uptime - Analyze Alert Data
Syncron Uptime

Track product uptime and health

Anytime, anywhere

Collect and analyze data from sensors, error codes, events and field service (or maintenance) systems to calculate key product uptime metrics in real time. Syncron Uptime allows users to proactively target products with high failures, more accurately forecast parts demand and improve the efficiency of your current reactive break-fix service model.

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Syncron Uptime

Prevent unplanned downtime

Offer risk-based service contracts

Offering service contracts based on uptime guarantees requires the ability to effectively manage the risk by ensuring your maintenance and replacement parts cost do not exceed planned targets. Apply Digital Twin analytics powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to detect and diagnose anomalies, as well as, predict product and part failures to eliminate unplanned downtime and improve overall parts utilization. Syncron Uptime assures profitability on risk-based service contracts, even when competitive pricing is part of the equation.

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Syncron Uptime



Improving overall uptime, not only requires the ability to proactively identify potential failures, but also ensure the field service teams are empowered by delivering all relevant information to the right people at the right time. This allows them to combine maintenance tasks from predictive models with existing planned maintenance to maximize uptime – all with minimum impact to your customer’s operations. Syncron Uptime provides out of the box integration with standard field service systems, allowing you to seamlessly convert predictive failure notifications into accurate work order requests for field service teams to plan maintenance events. With more efficient communications between engineering, reliability and field service, manufacturers can ultimately eliminate organizational silos.

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Syncron Uptime

Improve Field Service Productivity

Capture Knowledge and Best Practices

Build a searchable failure-case library, combined with operational sensor data, inspection and field service data to help manufacturers develop and retain best practices in an ever-changing workforce – continuously improving decision making strategies and field service metrics like First Time Fix Rates (FTFR) and Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) while optimizing the process for proactive maintenance. Syncron Uptime provides a built-in Case Management capability which allows experienced field service engineers to capture the precise steps used in troubleshooting failure symptoms, associate the alerts to the correct root cause and determine the right corrective actions and spare parts needed to truly fix the problem the first time.

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Syncron Uptime


Optimize Maintenance Strategies

The support of digital twin-based predictive models allows manufacturers to detect performance degradation and more accurately predict failures for an individual product. By combining failure coverage based on operational data with preventive maintenance strategies, Syncron Uptime allows manufacturers to fine-tune and optimize maintenance strategies at a much more granular level for maximized service revenue and profitability.

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Syncron Uptime


Access a Library of Product Blueprints

Application of ML and AI in the industrial world requires extensive domain expertise and knowledge of machine performance and failure modes, knowledge that typical Data Scientists and Data Engineers do not bring to the table. Syncron Uptime provides a library of product Blueprints – templates that incorporate a standardized system and component model, mapped to typical sensors, physics-based features, combined with ML pipeline templates for anomaly detection and failure prediction. Blueprints allow reliability engineers and other domain engineers without a deep knowledge of Data Science to apply ML and AI technology for prescriptive maintenance – ultimately reducing overall cost and improving time-to-value on your investments in Syncron Uptime.

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Syncron Uptime - Product Sheet
Product Sheet

Delivering customer experience through intelligent repair

Syncron Uptime enables OEMs that want to promote the high availability of the equipment and enable the end customers to conduct their business activities without disruptions. It provides predictive maintenance with IoT-enabled prognostic data to help avoid the unforeseen and minimize costly failures. Unlike maintenance fix scheduling tools, Syncron Uptime warns about potential breakdowns early enough and helps assure the high-end equipment availability.


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