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Syncron Warranty

Transform silos into connected warranty operations

Provide vital assurances to your customers and take their experience to the next level with warranty management software from Syncron.

  • Streamline claims processing to reduce costs, identify fraud and drive brand loyalty
  • Improve supplier recovery and reduce service leakage
  • Increase attach rates and drive service plan revenue
  • Analyze quality data and create a proactive closed feedback loop for engineering
  • Optimize reverse logistics to lower costs and align to strategic circular economy initiatives
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Syncron Warranty

Transform warranty operations from cost centers to profit powerhouses

Warranties are a vital assurance for your customers. Streamlining processes are key to driving profitability, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Transform your warranty operations and make service leakage and disgruntled customers a thing of the past!

Syncron Warranty can seamlessly connect manufacturers with their customers, dealers and suppliers creating a single source of truth. Process claims, track returns and upsell new service plans all on one solution while reducing costs and increasing revenue. Reduce total costs of ownership and quickly realize value by leveraging a solution focused on warranty management and tailored to your business.

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Track product registrations and drive service plan attach rates by 50%.


Intelligently return components to reduce waste, identify quality issues and align with sustainability initiatives.


Automate and decrease claim process costs by 15% and expand supplier recovery by 60%.


Proactively communicate and enable easy decision-making to improve employee and customer satisfaction scores.


Recognized as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Warranty and Service Contract Management

Connect with your customers

End-to-end connected warranty management

Digitally transform all activities associated with claims processing and free up your team to focus on customers.

  • Connect with your customers, dealers, and suppliers on one platform
  • Improve data accuracy and control warranty costs
  • Increase productivity while improving employee satisfaction


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Manage by exception

Leverage configurable business logic to automate claims processing, identify fraud, and proactively notify business users of any issues.

Support the circular economy

Drive dynamic returns for failure analysis, refurbishment, and supplier recovery. Reduce logistics costs and spend on new part purchases.

Build strong partnerships

Proactively manage your supplier network and build better relationships. Immediately identify components that are covered under a supplier warranty and eliminate the guess work.

Reduce costly errors

Configurable interface to show business users the right information at the right time. Leverage an embedded parts catalog and knowledgebase to easily identify components causing issues.

Take the hard work out of claims management

Supplier recovery

Ensure maximum warranty cost recovery and create mutual trust with your supplier network

  • Connect your supplier network on one solution for easy claims processing
  • Dynamically route returns directly to suppliers
  • Measure network performance with actionable insights
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One solution approach

Integrate and connect with all suppliers in your network to increase warranty cost recovery.

Transform vendors to partners

Measure supplier performance and proactively identify quality issues.

Optimize reverse logistics

Streamline returns directly to suppliers based on configurable business rules and reduce logistics costs.

Reduce service leakage

Immediately identify components covered under supplier warranties and reduce the time to process claims and receive credit.


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Seamlessly collaborate with your suppliers

Registration and plans

Leverage a full view of your install base and drive an equipment centric, customer focused organization.

  • Streamline the customer onboarding process
  • Create campaigns to generate higher margin aftermarket revenues
  • Track warranty claim and service history associated with customer assets
  • Capture fraudulent warranty claims and reduce financial risk
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Organize and track

Register products, track expiration dates and drive campaigns to increase service plan attach rates.

Support the dealers

Create extended warranties for ease of use within the dealer network. Increase revenue and dealer satisfaction.

Product overview

Monitor the lifecycle of an asset including all service history, product configuration and the bill of materials.

Administering warranties

Build and manage warranties at the service component level and leverage automated entitlement checks to reduce leakage.

Gain insights, reduce costs, and improve quality

Feedback to engineering

Build a closed feedback loop to ensure operations and engineering are aligned and always driving towards a better, safer product.

  • Reduce detection to correction cycle times
  • View shared quality dashboards across the entire business
  • Build brand loyalty by proactively identifying quality issues
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Safety and quality

Identify quality issues early, take corrective action, notify customers, dealers, and suppliers all on one platform.

Minimize recall disruption

Locate products, create, and manage recall campaigns across the entire install base

Real time visibility

Intelligently identify potential quality issues and provide real time updates to engineering

Limit financial risks

Streamline the product recall process and manage service campaigns from start to finish, including customer notifications, performance tracking, and compliance reporting.
Warranty Insights & Product Quality
Analytics and insights

Drive your business with actionable insights and get ahead of future issues.

  • Exchange claims data with suppliers and dealers
  • Monitor trends and manage quality and capacity constraints
  • Track key KPIs in out of the box reports and dashboards focused on warranty and tailored to your business
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Single source
of truth

Structure data to provide one view into all warranty claims including all related information

Health scorecard

Executive and management level reports and dashboards to monitor overall performance

Warranty journey

Clean data to prepare for scoring solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning

Limit financial risks

Streamline the product recall process and manage service campaigns from start to finish, including customer notifications, performance tracking, and compliance reporting.


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