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Syncron Warranty

Connectez et améliorez le cycle de vie de la garantie de bout en bout

Améliorez votre solution de gestion des garanties pour des expériences client exceptionnelles.

  • Augmenter les inscriptions et l’achat de plans de service/contrats
  • Rationalisez le traitement des réclamations
  • Améliorez le recouvrement des fournisseurs
  • Réduisez les coûts de garantie et créez des marges de revenus plus élevées
  • Optimiser la qualité des produits
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Recognized as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Warranty and Service Contract Management

Syncron Warranty

Transform warranty operations from cost centers to profit powerhouses

Warranties are vital assurances for your customers, but when warranty management isn’t prioritized, your service operation costs will soar. Delayed communications, disparate systems, and manual tracking and reporting cause claims and costly payouts to pile up. Digital management can transform your warranty operations into a profit center, making mishandled claims, steep costs, low supplier recovery, and disgruntled customers a thing of the past.

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Grow registration and plan attach rates by 50% and expand supplier recovery by 40-60%.


Shorten claims processing times, eliminate duplicate data entry, and ensure accurate validations.


Decrease warranty processing costs by 15% and lower detection-to-correction cycle times.


Strengthen product quality, safety, and supplier performance and enhance the service experience.

Product Registrations & Service Plans/Contracts
Connect with your customers

Product registrations and service plans/contracts

Know who your customers are, forge meaningful relationships, and make it easier for them to register their products and purchase value-added services and programs.

  • Elevate your customers’ onboarding experiences
  • Communicate and engage directly with your customers
  • Manage and track products, customers, and warranty entitlements
  • Generate higher-margin aftermarket revenues
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Increase registration rates

Simplify the product registration process for your customers with the use of barcodes and QR codes, and through web and mobile. Make it easy, and you’ll foster loyal customers.

Create an engagement portal

Through a centralized portal, your customers can view their owned products and your recommendations for service campaigns, product knowledge, and available upgrades, reducing marketing and support costs per customer.

and track

With all your customer and product data in one place, you can organize and track products from the point of purchase to upgrades and quickly respond to support requests.

Boost aftersales revenues

Offer your customers purchasable options online, such as accessories, parts, services, and protection plans, increasing opportunities for aftersales revenue generation.

Claims Processing
Take the hard work out of claims management

Claims processing

Streamline all claims processing, eliminate the dependence on Excel spreadsheets, and free up your service employees to focus on your customers.

  • Elevate productivity and efficiency through automation
  • Digitally capture pertinent information
  • Improve claims data accuracy and integrity
  • Control warranty costs with checks and validations
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Foster a productive environment

Establish extensive business rules to automatically process and validate incoming and outgoing claims and improve your service department’s productivity and efficiency as a result.

Centralize your data

Capture and store attachments, videos, diagnostics, and claim-related communications to shorten the overall processing and validation time.

Eliminate mishandled claims

Ensure the accuracy and integrity of claims data through automated validations and grant service providers access to upload, enter, submit, and check the status of claims online for extra assurance.

Only pay for what you need

Manage and control claims costs by enforcing compliance with warranty policies, entitlements, failure coding, authorized parts, and standard repair times.

Supplier Recovery
Seamlessly collaborate with your suppliers

Supplier recovery

Ensure maximum warranty cost recovery and create mutual trust with your supplier partners.

  • Increase warranty cost recovery
  • Drive improved product quality and supplier performance
  • Provide real-time visibility into warranty failures with reporting dashboards
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Maximize cost recovery

Set up supplier policies for warranty claims coverage and reimbursement and automatically generate supplier claims from warranty claims to control costs.

Improve supplier collaboration

Automatically generate RMAs to return parts to suppliers and provide portal access to view, export, and process their claims.

View reporting and analytics

Exchange claims data with suppliers through standard export formats (CSV, XML, and EDI) and generate reporting and analytics dashboards that enhance product quality through real-time visibility into failures.

Warranty Insights & Product Quality
Gain insights, reduce costs, and improve quality

Warranty insights and product quality

Analyze collected claims data to correct product quality issues and reduce future warranty expenditures.

  • Access and share analytics dashboards and reports across all stakeholders
  • Reduce detection-to-correction cycle times
  • Catch fraudulent warranty claims and limit financial risk
  • Easily reward dealers for add-on service campaigns
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Collaborate with data intelligence

Access and share standard reports and analytics drawn from a centralized warranty data warehouse with internal stakeholders, dealer channels, and suppliers.

Fix quality issues early

Reduce detection-to-correction cycle times with failure analysis and claim trend reports. Use warranty reports and recovery metrics to drive supplier quality improvements.

Prevent warranty fraud

Leverage benchmarking reports across dealers on claim frequency, claim totals, parts usage, and labor hours, along with service provider and claim risk scores to identify anomalies.

Limit financial risks

Streamline the product recall process and manage service campaigns from start to finish, including customer notifications, performance tracking, and compliance reporting.


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