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Over the past few years, the field service industry has experienced a renaissance—customer behavior has shifted, digitalization has accelerated the pace of change, and the competitive landscape has evolved accordingly. Once viewed solely as a cost center, field service management (FSM) is transforming into a profitable, value-driven business area for many companies.

Despite this paradigm shift, there is still a long way to go: According to a recent Worldwide Business Research (WBR) report, only 18% of surveyed companies are implementing solutions to turn field service into an active profit center, while 51% of respondents see opportunities to drive profit from field service.1 These results speak volumes about where field service organizations stand today and where they wish to go.

So, how can industry leaders bridge this gap?

The short answer is field service management technology, but that’s only part of a larger solution.

This eBook from Syncron will explore:

• The processes and methodologies for managing field service
• The benefits of optimizing FSM
• Tips for digitally transforming FSM
• How Syncron can help your organization achieve its strategic and operational objectives

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