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Automotive manufacturers face challenges from all fronts: There are few industries as part and service-heavy, and, because of a large number of independent aftermarket players, technology advances and increased customer expectations, there is more noise than ever in the space.

As a result, automotive manufacturers are seeking new avenues of efficiency and growth to silence this noise. With Syncron, you can not only navigate this changing market landscape, but also exceed customer expectations and growth projections.

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Leading automotive companies trust Syncron

automotive aftersales service
Empower dealers

Dealers often serve as the face of your brand, and much of the overall customer experience relies on the dealer experience. Downtime is an inconvenience for your customers, and a poor service experience could lead customers directly to the competition.

To ensure service is efficient and effective every time, dealers must be stocked with the right parts to not only meet, but exceed, customer expectations. Syncron not only ensures dealers are stocked with the appropriate parts, but also supports dealer part return programs, guaranteeing dealers won’t be required to absorb the costs of inventory they might not need.

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Connect seamlessly

Connected cars are forcing disruption in the automotive industry, and driving the need for manufacturers to be more innovative. With these new developments, the ability to integrate ‘smart’ parts and other innovations into the service supply chain is more important than ever.

With Syncron, auto manufacturers can connect their service parts management directly to individual vehicles, parts or IoT platforms — providing more insight than ever into the service lifecycle and the ability to manage forecasts, demand and part replenishment with the most accuracy and speed. This level of connectivity encourages pre-emptive maintenance, ultimately empowering auto manufacturers to deliver the service experiences their customers crave.

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Plan ahead

Due to the volume of service parts most auto manufacturers have, ad-hoc part failures can pop up frequently. Additionally, new product introductions occur at least annually. With this amount of new information circulating, planning ahead is key to success. Missing parts can lead to poor service experiences for customers, which could turn them off-brand.

With Syncron, manufacturers can better anticipate demand, using algorithms and analytics to properly stock service parts around their global networks — leading to optimized service part levels and eliminating excess inventory, helping manufacturers deliver both a better customer experience and revenue and profit improvements.

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Reinvent Pricing

In an industry with arguably the largest volume of service parts, optimizing service parts pricing can be a huge revenue and profit driver.

Many companies still rely on manual processes and Excel spreadsheets to price their service parts. With Syncron, manufacturers can implement a value-based approach, enabling teams to better analyze and respond to changing market conditions. Ultimately, automating and optimizing service parts pricing leads to improved revenue and profits.

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