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Modern solutions meet the complex demands of farming, ensuring every step of the aftermarket is optimized for peak performance. With Syncron, elevate your agricultural processes to achieve resilience, sustainability, and unmatched success.

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Harvesting tomorrow: The need for precision and efficiency

In the agriculture industry, where seasons dictate the pace of production, optimizing resources and equipment is not just essential—it’s required for success. From the fields to the market, agricultural enterprises thrive on reliability, efficiency, and foresight. The competitive landscape and environmental considerations demand a fine-tuned approach to asset management, parts pricing, and service optimization. Leveraging state-of-the-art solutions that align with the unique challenges and needs of the agriculture sector can pave the way for higher productivity and sustainability.

Customer Stories

AGCO manufacturing line for tractors

AGCO improves service resolution time and technician productivity

Products Used
  • CSX Platform
  • Field Service
  • Service Execution
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Syncron’s strong commitment to product development, and the impressive cross-collaboration between our two teams, will enable us to meet our customers’ service needs in today’s ever-changing world.

Christian Buck • Manager, Service and Parts • CLAAS

Syncron Retail Inventory helps CLAAS reduce parts order process 20%

Products Used
  • Dealer Parts Planning
  • Service Supply Chain
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• Plan

Cultivating efficiency through strategic inventory management

Syncron Parts Planning

Agriculture operations are no stranger to the complexities of demand forecasting. Unpredictable weather conditions, fluctuating market demands, and seasonal variations make inventory management even more challenging for agriculture businesses.

Syncron Parts Planning addresses these factors head-on, facilitating accurate demand forecasting and inventory optimization while offering automated replenishment planning. With Syncron, the correct parts are always available when needed, minimizing downtime and optimizing resource utilization.

Syncron Dealer Parts Planning

Collaboration between OEMs and dealers is vital in the agriculture industry. Syncron Dealer Parts Planning fosters this collaboration, enabling synchronized forecasting and planning, enhancing the supply chain’s efficiency, and ensuring the seamless availability of essential parts and equipment at the retail level.

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Parts Planning

Syncron Parts Planning streamlines to help minimize manual tasks, eliminate overstock, and transform inventory data into actionable insights.

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Dealer Parts Planning

Syncron Dealer Parts Planning provides virtual planning tools to efficiently distribute parts stock to downstream networks and align aftermarket strategies.

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• Price

Driving profitability with intelligent pricing strategies

Syncron Price

Maintaining a competitive edge through strategic parts pricing is necessary in the rapidly evolving agricultural market. Balancing market demand and profitability dynamics is an ongoing battle with volatile manufacturing costs. Syncron Price optimizes pricing strategies, helping businesses maintain profitability while meeting the varying expectations of diverse market segments and maintaining competitive positioning.

Syncron Contract Price

Agriculture service contracts are multifaceted and complex, given the variability in customer asset utilization. Syncron Contract Price uses machine learning to create cost models that help optimize contract pricing by analyzing and predicting labor, parts, and other associated expenses. This forward-thinking approach ensures agricultural businesses deliver value while maintaining a healthy bottom line.

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Syncron Price uses advanced technology to identify hidden pricing opportunities that positively impact business performance by maximizing sales, revenue, and service profitability.

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Contract Price

Syncron Contract Price optimizes outcome-based contract pricing to drive new revenue, increase margins, reduce contract risk, and build long-term customer loyalty.

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• Service

Enhancing service delivery

Syncron Warranty Management

In an industry where equipment costs can be extensive, efficient warranty management is vital for improving customer satisfaction. Syncron Warranty Management simplifies the claims process and helps establish robust warranty programs that align with the expectations of the modern customer, fostering trust and long-term relationships. Using Syncron’s supplier recovery module, OEMs can process claims and recover costs from their supplier network efficiently.

Syncron Technician Enablement

Technical issues and breakdowns are inevitable, but quick and efficient resolutions are possible with Syncron Technician Enablement. Democratize knowledge with Syncron and provide access to information information with the assistance of contextualized asset models. By promoting higher first-time fix rates and reducing mean time to repair, Syncron enables technicians to be more agile, improving overall operational efficiency and asset uptime.

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Warranty Management

Syncron Warranty Management streamlines warranty processes and arms key stakeholders with the tools they need to reduce warranty costs, improve product quality, and increase plan renewals.

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Technician Enablement

Syncron Technician Enablement enables field service organizations to mobilize technicians while empowering them with easy-to-use and powerful capabilities to streamline end-to-end service tasks.

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