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Increase Parts Availability and Revenue With Intelligent Forecasting

In today’s competitive arena, the key to unlocking value is through empowered dealer networks. Syncron Dealer Parts Planning catapults OEMs and dealers into a new realm of supply chain efficiency, laser-focused on key outcomes:

  • Amplifying aftermarket revenue by streamlining dealer planning.
  • Maximizing parts availability across the network to boost inventory effectiveness.
  • Elevating service levels to secure unmatched customer loyalty.
  • Accelerating delivery with cutting-edge forecasting, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Syncron isn’t just setting the standard; it’s redefining success in dealer networks with a clear focus on boosting parts revenue and achieving peak customer satisfaction.

Reach these goals with Syncron Dealer Parts Planning

Increase parts availability

Increase parts revenue

Reduce inventory

Syncron is trusted worldwide to deliver optimal service parts planning for major global enterprises.

Efficiently managing inventory across your dealer network enables better responsiveness to customer needs, fostering stronger relationships with dealers and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

dealer behavior dashboard

Unlock service supply chains between OEMs and dealer networks

OEMs and dealers often handle millions of parts to support a wide range of customers and assets. These parts frequently require tracking across multiple locations, databases, and systems. Overcoming silos and operational barriers is crucial for enhancing efficiency. Most dealers today face the immense challenge of managing inventory and forecasting without the aid of the OEM.

In an increasingly digital landscape, OEMs and dealers need a more efficient way to operate. Syncron provides the necessary tools to proactively manage inventory together, with aligned incentives, breaking down barriers and driving greater visibility, reducing costs, and achieving higher service levels across your network. Dealers can focus on service delivery while leaning on the OEM’s prescribed stocking plan, ensuring the right parts are available at the right time.

With Syncron’s Dealer Parts Planning solution, you can take full control of your aftermarket ecosystem and as a result, the impact service has on brand reputation. By implementing cohesive strategies that align the interests of both OEMs and dealers, you can pave the way for a consistent and superior level of customer service. These strategies, tailored to meet unique market conditions, foster a collaborative environment that benefits all stakeholders and encourages the attainment of higher service levels.

order line list in dealer interface
dealer request screen as part of dealer portal

Transform your dealer network into a competitive differentiator

  • Automation over all aspects of your inventory management process, including demand forecasting, inventory optimization, ordering, and returns
  • Seamless order tracking and execution across the entire supply chain, including automated returns and a buy-back management solution that adheres to your specific terms and conditions
  • Comprehensive data, metrics, trends, actionable insights, and analysis to inform strategic business decisions
  • Enabled movement of parts between dealers to unlock your entire dealer network, exceeding customer expectations and pushing same-day fulfillment to unmatched levels
  • Consolidated dealer inventory to bring parts closer to the point of sale using a hub-and-spoke model across the network

Plan. Price. Service.

Transforming your service supply chain is critical for scaling your business, fostering better dealer relationships, and optimizing parts availability. As organizations become increasingly reliant on digital solutions, complexity grows. Enhancing dealer efficiency and driving increased productivity and engagement are pivotal to success.

With defined stocking plans for dealers, order tracking across the supply chain, and dealer training, you can implement digitally-enabled inventory management strategies with ease. Your business can drive precision in demand forecasting, replenishment planning, and inventory decisions through greater control and visibility. User Enablement through the Syncron Learning platform also provides on-the-line training with standard courses.

Leverage dealer clustering during demand planning to drive increased optimization across your network. Utilize your influence over dealer replenishment policies to balance parts distribution center (PDC) loads with minimal impact on end-customer service levels. Enhance engagement between OEMs and dealers with a dedicated dealer portal that is intuitive and easy to use.

Drive your service transformation with Syncron.

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Why choose Syncron?

Unlock your business potential with Syncron’s unparalleled expertise and innovative technology.

Syncron Dealer Parts Planning is the only solution designed to eliminate barriers between OEMs and dealers and from dealer to dealer, fostering stronger, more collaborative relationships.

Our aftermarket experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing an unmatched depth and breadth of understanding to support your business needs.

Our solutions are ready out of the box to accelerate time to value.

With extensive experience interfacing with dealer management systems, we are uniquely positioned to unlock the hidden value in your inventory.

Our comprehensive solution enables complete control over extensive supply chain networks, empowering you to optimize operations and drive growth.

Achieve breakthrough moments

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