This time of year, with multiple global holidays around the corner, we’re reminded to take a step back and reflect upon the past year.

As the member of Syncron’s executive team responsible for all our global employees and organizational related aspects, I am fairly certain that this year – and it almost goes without saying – will always be remembered as one of the most eventful in my career.

The current pandemic situation hasn’t gone unnoticed by anyone. At Syncron, we’ve been closely monitoring the global COVID-19 situation since the start, ensuring we take necessary steps and do the right things for our employees and the society as a whole. The safety of our employees, who are located across the globe, has been my highest priority since day one. The continuing complexity of ensuring all our global employees’ safety, taking all local challenges and recommendations into consideration, shouldn’t be underestimated. I’m extremely proud of how resilient and adaptable our whole team has proven itself to be.

Our employees have truly walked the extra mile during this year, supporting our customers and organization with a dedication and commitment that are beyond my wildest expectations. Having employees who do this is nothing a company should take for granted. I’m touched by everyone’s willingness to make the best out of the situation – regardless of the challenges they have faced due to the pandemic. My HR division quickly understood in the beginning of this year that these new circumstances required new ways of supporting the organization – new ways of helping our employees succeed. We however quickly realized and noticed that the biggest factor for making this whole shift successful was the drive within our own employees.

Our employees have truly walked the extra mile during this year, supporting our customers and organization with a dedication and commitment that are beyond my wildest expectations.

Our employees worldwide initiated multiple activities, sometimes completely on their own, to make the new work experience as positive as possible. Colleagues in my division successfully changed their day-to-day job to support other business areas, adding value and engaging themselves in teams and tasks they have never experienced before. Initiatives started where employees who had never met before were given the opportunity to get together virtually, which resulted in sharing of everything from product knowledge to baking recipes. These frequent communications between teams, divisions and the whole organization brought us closer to each other. There is an increased risk of starting to work in silos when you don’t have unplanned interactions or unstructured communications as before. Therefore, these cross-team interactions are of the highest importance for future success. I will always admire our employees’ focus and true willingness to adapt to this new way of working and communicating.

We have, of course, conducted COVID-related employee surveys ensuring we are supporting our team in the best possible way and to capture how everyone is doing. Based on the input from our employees, we have been able to take the right actions and launch new employee initiatives. Webinars have been held for our employees focusing on mental resilience and how we can proactively manage stress during difficult and uncertain times. We wanted to give our employees the right tools for themselves, but also create opportunities to come to a deeper understanding of their colleagues’ well-being and how to have each other’s back. I’m proud to have experienced the engagement of such initiatives, witnessing how our employees would share their own experiences and thoughts with each other. We once again became closer as a company, even if the circumstances kept us from seeing each other face-to-face.

Having employees who selflessly go above and beyond for the greater good, both in your organization and society, during challenging time, should not be taken for granted. I’m extremely proud to say I have the pleasure to work with these gems. I’m humble and proud to be part of a company that invests in our employees and has their best interests at heart as a strategic priority for our company’s success. But I’m even more proud and grateful to be part of a company were the employees themselves have their, and more importantly their colleagues’, best interest at heart, through thick and thin.