In case you’re just now joining us, we’re here at Field Service event at the JW Marriot Hotel in Palm Springs with field service professionals, after-sales service innovators and solution providers. It’s been the perfect learning and networking environment for organizations looking to advance modern service together.

We live blogged our experience during the performance workshops, interactive working groups, and so much more. With nearly a week’s worth of networking, technology and strategy, we’re walking away with some of the best tools in field service support and customer experience today! Read more below to catch up on anything you may have missed over the last week.

Field Service USA 2019: Challenge the Present, Lead the Future

As a welcome to Field Service, world-class companies such as IFS, Kone, AT&T, ABB, PwC, 3D Systems all talked about the digitization of field service and the impact of maximized uptime on service organizations worldwide.

Driving Outcomes as Part of a Customer-Centric Service Business

Diversey and Carrier Commercial Services dropped some knowledge about the changing paradigm of customer service and driving customer outcomes as part of a customer-centric service business.

Preparing After-sales Service for Servitization Readiness: Field Service Workshop

We’re rounded out the day with an intensive workshop on preparing after-sales service for servitization. To kick us off, we have Syncron’s Head of Product Strategy, Erik Lindholm, here to answer the biggest question of all…Why servitization?

Redefining Service to Succeed in a Servitization-Centered Economy

Gary Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer at Syncron, shared his thoughts on the importance of making the transition from delivering products to delivering business outcomes. Read more below to hear what he had to say.

Transforming from a Product Company to a Customer Experience Company

Continuing on the message toward customer-driven service, Moe Mustafa, AT&T Vice President Technical Field Services, discussed building a culture around the customer experience, and Laura Laltrello, VP and GM of Lenovo Datacenter Services, discussed the transformation from a product to a customer experience company.

Top 10 Takeaways on Data Collection and Uncovering Greater Service Outcomes

In a dynamic panel, led by Vivek Shah, Senior Product Director at Syncron, Len VanderHulst, Head of Service Business Development at Mettler-Toledo, Alvaro Pombo, Founder and CEO of ProntoForms, and Suzanne El Naggar, Director of Worldwide Customer Success Data Center Systems at Western Digital, discussed data collection and analysis, and how to slice and dice your way to greater service outcomes.

After-sales Service Tactics: 7 Leadership Lessons from a Navy Seal

Chad Williams, a former U.S. Navy Seal & Bestselling Author of SEAL of God, shared his seven leadership lessons he’s learned during his time in service of his country. Trust us, as we work toward being leaders rather than laggards, we’re going to take his words to heart.

Service Revenue Generation: Monetizing Existing Service to Enhance the Customer Experience

Lindsay Mahoney, Director of Global Demand at Syncron, coached the room on service revenue generation and how we’re flipping service on its head to truly make it a revenue generating machine.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s content as much as we have – we can’t wait for Field Service 2020! And remember, stay tuned for a white paper that will discuss today’s findings and provide some industry insights on what steps your service organization can take today to prepare for the journey toward servitization readiness.