At the 2018 Field Service USA event, hosted by Worldwide Business Research and attended by industry leaders like FedEx, GE, Ford, Oracle and Salesforce, the Syncron team led its annual workshop focusing on new trends and emerging tech, and their potential impact on field service. This year’s workshop was divided into four discussion topics: Servitization, IoT and AI, Market Disruptors and The Road to Uptime.

The goal of the workshop was to incite discussion between field service leaders around the curiosity, excitement and even potential concerns these new approaches to service have raised for the world’s leading manufacturers, and reveal best practices and innovative solutions to emerging challenges and opportunities.

As emerging tech and other market disruptors find a permanent seat at the table that is field service, each passing trend and advancement is falling under the umbrella of either hype or reality. That’s why we created our newest Syncron original Orange Paper, “State of Emerging Tech in Field Service: Servitization, IoT & AI, Market Disruptors and The Road to Uptime.


The group delved deep into how certain market disruptors are viewed within some of the largest and most advanced field service organizations, how they’re being applied today, and how their future impact on the industry is seen among the experts.

In this paper, we’re taking a closer look at some of the industry’s macrotrends, as identified by the field service community throughout these roundtable discussions, and uncovering ways that organizations can invest in the future to start preparing for what’s to come.

Key topics include:

  • How servitization is reinventing the manufacturing business model
  • Incorporating IoT & AI into uptime-driven service strategies
  • Market disruptors and emerging tech forcing major change 
  • The transition from break-fix service to maximized product uptime

Download your complimentary copy today, and start incorporating these new technologies and strategies in your field service organizations now.