We’re here at Field Service event at the JW Marriot Hotel in Palm Springs with field service professionals, after-sales service innovators and solution providers coming together for the perfect learning and networking environment for organizations looking to advance modern service together.

This morning we heard from leaders at world-class companies such as IFS, Kone, AT&T, ABB, PwC, 3D Systems – all talking about the digitization of field service and the impact of maximized uptime on service organizations worldwide. And, continuing on that path, Diversey and Carrier Commercial Services are dropping some knowledge about the changing paradigm of customer service and driving customer outcomes as part of a customer-centric service business.

The Changing Paradigm of Customer Service

We’re seeing all this data and the time and money we’re spending to analyze it – but tracking and measuring is crucial. Everyone wants to drive ROI in the beginning, but change management is key to getting the results you’re looking for – and measuring success is key. When it comes to implementing new technologies in customer service, and the change management that comes along with that implementation across your service organization, it’s important to start small. It’s not realistic to go too deep too quickly, but by piloting with a smaller group, you’ll see benefits quickly that eventually turn into team wide usage.

The challenge here is remaining in the pilot phase. This is where it takes someone – what Diversey calls an influencer – to make the official change and influence solution accountability across the organization. With that accountability, you can extend past technical service teams to application experts, customer excellence centers and other teams to reach every end of the customer experience.

But, how do you make sure your goals are being met? According to Marc Robitzkat at Diversey, the answer is: be specific. Be very focused – by knowing exactly what you’re trying to achieve, you can measure it and use data to find out if you’re on the right track. What was done before will change, but if you let the people who influence the success of a new technology and let them shine, you’ll be surprised how adoption improves over time.

Driving Outcomes as Part of a Customer-Centric Service Business

We’ve talked about measuring success – and that follow-through leads to accountability with your clients, too. At Carrier, customer emersion was the solution to that accountability. By getting the customer involved in the solutions, you can go beyond the problems of one particular feedback loop and truly get a 360 view of what success can look like. Once you’re in with your customers – they’ll buying based on trust and overall service effectiveness (instead of just price).

Service organizations need to change from the way they were structured years ago, to the way they impact the customer experience today. There’s an organizational shift that’s moving away from a centralized approach, and towards one that faces the customer head on.

By taking this approach, you can customize solutions for your customers, which helps your customer-centric service organization better understand the needs of the customer from the top down and share best practices across the industry.


Join us as we live blog our experience during the performance workshops, interactive working groups, and so much more. With nearly a week’s worth of networking, technology and strategy, we’re sure to walk away with some of the best tools in field service support and customer experience today!