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Maximized Product Uptime With Dynapac | Syncron

Leading compaction and paving equipment provider enhances customer experience through best-in-class fill rates  


STOCKHOLM and ATLANTA, 31 Jan. 2019 – SyncronTM, a provider of cloud-based after-sales service solutions focused on empowering the world’s leading manufacturers to maximize product uptime and deliver exceptional customer experiences, today announced Dynapac has achieved and maintains a 97 percent fill rate by using Syncron InventoryTM as they shift to a service model focused on maximized product uptime.

Dynapac, a complete provider for soil rollers, asphalt compaction and paving equipment, has always been focused on constantly enhancing the customer experience in its more than eight-decade history. With at least $3.7 trillion of investment in global economic infrastructure needed every year from now until 2035[1], updates to roads and airports, among other assets, will be a consistently lucrative and important business. As a result, Dynapac is more focused on after-sales service than ever, ensuring failing parts are repaired proactively and that its complex, global service parts inventory is always optimized.

“At Dynapac, ensuring part availability to keep our machines up and running is our top priority,” said Abhijit Som, Vice President Aftermarket at Dynapac. “The road industry is very demanding when it comes to uptime. Oftentimes, roads are built overnight, and crews only have a set number of hours to complete the job. This makes proactively repairing machines to support maximized product uptime paramount to success. With Syncron, we can manage 150,000 unique items and have visibility into the entire global network, ultimately achieving best-in-class fill rates and providing an exceptional customer experience.”

With machine lifetimes of up to 20 years, there are multiple slow-moving, critical parts that Dynapac must ensure are available when and where customers need them. Because demand trends for these items are not standard, a sophisticated service parts inventory planning solution is necessary for success. In addition to supporting slow-moving parts, Syncron Inventory also allows Dynapac to:

  • Stock service parts inventory appropriately to meet seasonal demands
  • Visualize inventory across multiple geographies and locations in a single dashboard
  • Decrease obsolete and excess stock to increase ROI

Going forward, Dynapac aims to further connect its sensor-equipped machines with its data management and service parts inventory planning systems via the Syncron Service Cloud. More paving machines are being equipped with IoT sensors and Dynapac plans to leverage the data collected from these machines to provide in-depth reporting and analytics for its customers – all in order to maximize product uptime and ensure customers always have a superior experience.

“Dynapac has been a valued partner for nearly a decade,” said David Reiling, Chief Customer Officer at Syncron. “More customers than ever have an on-demand mindset where products should just work and service should be instantaneous. Dynapac is on the cutting-edge of service with its high fill rates and ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing a service model centered on maximized product uptime to meet these increasing customer demands. We are thrilled to partner with Dynapac to manage its global service parts inventory and look forward to our continued success together.”

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About Dynapac

Dynapac is a leading supplier of high tech soil and asphalt rollers, light equipment and pavers, committed to strengthen customer performance by being a partner on the road ahead. Dynapac is represented worldwide via its own regional sales- and service offices, and cooperates with an extensive and professional distribution network. Headquartered in Wardenburg, Germany, Dynapac has production facilities in Europe, South America, and Asia. Dynapac is part of the FAYAT Group. 

About Syncron

Syncron empowers the world’s leading manufacturers to maximize product uptime and deliver exceptional after-sales service experiences, while driving significant revenue and profit improvements. From industry leading investments in research and development, to providing the fastest time-to-value, Syncron’s award-winning, cloud-based service parts inventory, price and uptime management solutions are designed to continually exceed customer expectations. Top brands from around the world trust Syncron to transform their after-sales service operations into competitive differentiators. For more information, visit