Earlier this year, the Syncron team gathered with like-minded field service professionals and after-sales service innovators at Field Service USA. Through speaking sessions, networking events, and workshops, we ran the gamut of all things field service and support. From topics like service contract revenue, proactive maintenance, connected devices and IoT, the customer-centric service experience and more, this event showed us the true state of field service today, and where the focus should be in the coming months.

Moral of the story? There has never been a more important time in field service to embrace servitization. Now, we’re at the 6th annual Field Service Forum 2019, June 4th-5th Amsterdam, joining 130+ field service professionals, manufacturers and service leaders from around the world, all looking to make the shift toward servitization together.

As it stands today, the industrial sector is undergoing a major transformation thanks in large part to factors like globalization, digitization and changing customer behaviors. These factors are causing manufacturers to push for a shift in business models – away from product-centric business models and toward an ‘experience economy,’ or a product-as-a-service model. It’s because of this shift that service organizations need to adapt now in order to build a world-class, all-encompassing service solution.

“Over the course of two days, attendees get the opportunity to learn from peers, get inspired by business gurus, explore the latest technological solutions and grow their professional network of Service Leaders,” says Thomas Igou, Content Director at Copperberg. And, at this years Field Service Forum event, we’re looking forward to sharing, networking and benchmarking alongside other industry leaders as attendees discuss:

  1. Competence Management. Are manufacturers doing enough in competence development?” Are they developing the right skills to not only serve their customers, but work on building relationships and setting up future sales models? We want to uncover what the future field service organization looks like and how to recruit the right talent to make that vision a reality.
  2. Digital transformation. Digital transformation is the biggest challenge and opportunity in after-sales service today, and field service is no different. By creating an organization that’s data-driven at its core, manufacturers can turn data into value while learning how to incorporate AI, IoT, and new realities for their field service businesses.
  3. Customer Engagement. How do you build a business that provides an exceptional after-sales service experiences rather than a bundle of products and services? We’re here to uncover what type of customer-centric service strategy is necessary to ensure organizations build and maintain your market leadership.

We’re looking forward to spending two full days networking and learning amongst our field service peers, where we’ll work together to optimize the overall service experience, putting customer-centric service at the core of everything we do.


Syncron is proud to sponsor Field Service Forum 2019, the premier event for European field service professionals. Join us as we share our experience via social and on the blog during the roundtable meetings, performance workshops, content sessions and more. Tweet us @SyncronSCM to connect with a Syncron team member at the event!