During my fifteen year tenure as CEO at Syncron, I’ve seen the manufacturing industry undergo some amazing changes. But, none have been quite as impactful and wide-reaching as the shift toward servitization.

As more products are equipped with smart sensors, it’s more important than ever to shift from a reactive, break-fix service model to one focused on maximizing product uptime, or preemptively repairing equipment before it ever fails. Syncron enables manufacturers to reinvent their service organizations, adopting new solutions and business processes to optimize service parts inventory levels and prices while maximizing product uptime.

Optimizing after-sales service not only leads to improvements in revenue, gross profits and operational efficiency, but also for the overall customer experience. Today’s customers want products that work all the time, and servitization is forcing manufacturers to evolve their often sub-optimized after-sales service operations, shifting toward maximized uptime.

That’s why we created our newest Orange Paper, 2019 After-sales Service Predictions: Powering The Journey To Servitization Through Maximized Product Uptime, where we collected insights from academics, customers and industry leaders to understand how manufacturers can capitalize on this significant business opportunity to improve customer loyalty and financial performance over the course of the next year.

2019 after-sales service predictions


As we enter a new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on this past year’s achievements, as well as opportunities ahead. At Syncron, we’re reflecting on our ability to enable, sustain and grow our customer base toward global deployments of their solutions. This growth, and our customers’ own growth and successes, were possible thanks to several key milestones. From many advancements and new product announcements within the Syncron Service Cloud to deepened and extended partner relations, we have significantly strengthened our joint delivery capabilities and capacities.

These reflections are important to note because, like personal growth, retrospection is the key to future organizational innovation. Innovation is at the heart of technology and service, and the ability for a company to grow, invest and pivot based on the needs of their customers is a critical skill for the success of any technology organization. Syncron’s focus on empowering the world’s leading manufacturers to maximize product uptime and deliver exceptional customer experiences is directly tied to our mission and vision as a company.

Like these reflections, the predictions in this paper are sure to open your eyes to the incredible opportunities available to manufacturers, as well as the dangers that could stem from their inaction. After all, the biggest risk facing manufacturers today is an unwillingness to embrace innovation and act decisively.

Download our new Orange Paper to learn more about what these thought leaders predict will be major manufacturing trends in 2019 and beyond, and what resources and technologies will be needed to win.