Introducing Syncron Learning™: 3 Common Questions About the New E-Learning Solution

As advocates of the after-sales service industry, our goal is to put more time back into our customers’ day by empowering them to execute efficient service experiences. And, as we take our customers on that journey toward a revolutionized service experience, we strive every day to provide the right resources that help them get the most value out of Syncron solutions.

From blog posts and white papers to speaking engagements and, of course, direct access to our success teams, we are here to give our customers all the tools they need to succeed. At Syncron, we always ask ourselves, what else can we do to help our customers deliver the ultimate after-sales service experience? And that line of questioning led us to create something entirely new – something that will raise the industry standard for onboarding new users efficiently and cost-effectively.

Today, we’re proud to introduce Syncron Learning™, a powerful e-learning solution that gives customers the power to further improve and optimize their after-sales service organizations.

What is Syncron Learning™?

With today’s online-driven environment, it’s no surprise that e-learning platform participants learn nearly five-times more material without increasing time spent in training. That’s what inspired Syncron to design and develop Syncron Learning™ – a first-of-its-kind industry offering – from scratch. The new platform aims to give customers the power to hone their skills and capabilities to more rapidly deliver business value with Syncron solutions.

Ultimately, Syncron Learning™ enables customers to further increase financial performance and improve their own customers’ experiences. The platform currently offers four levels of learning options, including Standard, Professional, Expert and Customized, and each level includes benefits like:

  • Simultaneous product and training rollouts to help users unlock the true value of service cloud solutions as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Immediate training access to allow users to achieve competency efficiently and effectively, so new employees can add value from day one.
  • Custom course development to ensure access to the latest training on new releases, with continuously updated training specifically targeted to their unique needs.

Who Benefits from Syncron Learning™?

With more than 200 active users already, the mission of Syncron Learning™ is to empower every user to attain a higher level of knowledge more efficiently and at a lower cost. New employees can use the e-learning platform to reduce ramp time, gaining the right skills to be effective immediately. Existing users can go beyond the basics through advanced courses, as well as instant access to new courses as they become available.

Syncron Learning™ can also help managers ensure that their team is equipped with everything needed to be successful from day one, making onboarding and recertification a breeze. But, best of all, the entire company can benefit from the maximized employee productivity and satisfaction the platform provides through efficient and effective ongoing training. With highly tailored curriculums, segmented by product and user role, convenient, online training is available 24/7, from any device, anywhere in the world.

Need more proof? Take it from one of our dedicated customers, Kelvin Teo, Manager at JUKI. “Syncron Learning provides a very thorough and comprehensive overview of the Syncron Service Cloud solutions,” says Teo. “While we were working on the implementation of Syncron InventoryTM, our team was able to take courses to prepare ourselves to use the software to its full potential. The courses provide an in-depth look at how Syncron Inventory functions, while also providing an overview of why and how each feature and functionality is beneficial to our business. It absolutely shortens the learning curve and enables you to understand the full capabilities of your Syncron solution.”

How Can You Get Started Today?

For existing customers, Syncron Learning is available today, while new users are only one click away from gaining access to the newest offering of the Syncron Service Cloud. Have a question about our Syncron Learning subscription plans or need more details? Head on over to our Syncron Learning™ page to learn more about contacting a representative today to start adding value tomorrow.

“We are thrilled to bring this new, unique offering to our customers around the world. While many other learning functions are templatized and static, Syncron Learning is interactive and tailored to each individual user. As after-sales service increases in importance, reliable, cost-effective training and continuing education will be fundamental to success.” – David Reiling, Chief Customer Officer at Syncron