MHI RJ Aviation Group More Than Tripled Revenue With Syncron Solutions

MHI RJ aviation group headquarters, two airplaines in view and one in the background

MHI RJ Aviation Group After Implementing Syncron Parts Planning & Syncron Price Solutions

MHI RJ Aviation Group, a regional aircraft industry leader and a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries subsidiary, boasts a network of parts depots and aviation hubs throughout the US and Canada with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. Like many in its field, the company encountered staffing challenges in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. MHIRJ turned to a digital-first strategy in response, implementing Syncron Parts Planning and Syncron Price solutions. This pivotal shift has significantly enhanced the efficiency and reliability of its services, granting airlines that operate its aircraft access to better maintenance scheduling, reduced aircraft downtime, and more competitive rates for parts and services.

Despite workforce recruiting challenges, MHIRJ has more than tripled revenue in its component repair and overhaul (CR&O) business area in an impressive two years by digitizing operations for a smoother infrastructure.

With the implementation of Syncron Parts Planning, MHIRJ significantly enhanced the ability to forecast demand, optimize inventory levels, and maintain exceptional service levels, all while minimizing costs. This system leverages real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and advanced simulation capabilities. Additionally, Syncron Price utilizes machine learning to offer detailed insights into the actual profit from each transaction, facilitating a better understanding of the impact of pricing and costing decisions. These advanced solutions emphasize the critical role of digital transformation in the aviation sector, a field where efficiency, safety, and reliability are crucial. Incorporating data-driven decision-making tools into operational workflows offers a substantial competitive edge. This approach underscores MHIRJ Aviation Group’s commitment to innovation and its status as a leader in the industry.

MHI RJ Aviation Group’s collaboration with Syncron represents a milestone in the aviation industry’s ongoing evolution towards smarter, more efficient operations. Through this partnership, MHIRJ is not only able to enhance its service delivery but also solidify its position as a leader in adopting technological advancements for the benefit of its clients and the industry at large. Read the full article here to learn more about how MHI RJ Aviation Group is leading the way in aviation innovation.