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Power Solutions International Optimizes Warranty Management with Mize Warranty Software

Power Solutions International Optimizes Warranty Management 

Power Solutions International implements Mize warranty solution to streamline warranty processing and improve data accuracy.

October 16, 2019 – Mize, a leading provider of Connected Customer Experience Platform and Service Lifecycle Management software, announced today that PSI has launched a Warranty Management solution powered by Mize software for Warranty and Product Registration.

PSI is a leading provider in the design, engineering, and manufacture of a broad range of advanced, emission-certified engines and power systems. The company’s warranty, service, and aftermarket support mean longer engine life, reliable part availability, and fewer costs down the road for customers.

Mize Warranty solution enables PSI to manage and track the entire warranty process, including warranty entitlements, product registration, claims entry, submission, and processing from various channels. With Mize, PSI will greatly improve data accuracy, significantly increase the type of metrics that can be continuously monitored and give customers greater visibility into the entire warranty process from end to end.

“Our previous system was highly dependent on user input, and access was limited to the warranty department. Both challenges have been eliminated with the new Mize solution,” said Eric Fowler, PSI’s director of service and warranty. “We are extremely excited to have live, accurate warranty data available at all times in easy to understand formats. The custom reporting tools and insights will give our internal teams the information they need to continue making product improvements as well as providing reliability data to our development teams.”

The flexibility of Mize solution provides PSI access to reliable data, including early warning detection, automated reports, and personalized insight into metrics from anywhere on a Wi-Fi-enabled device and greatly improves the overall efficiency of warranty claim processing from beginning to end. Mize also gives PSI’s customers greater visibility into the claim process. Customers can enter and view their own claim information, allowing PSI warranty administrators to shift their daily functions from data entry to data management, reporting and acting on the data.

“Mize is delighted that PSI has implemented the Mize Warranty solution to provide greater access and visibility into reliable data regarding the warranty,” said Ashok Kartham, CEO of Mize. “Our solutions enable PSI to improve warranty claim processing efficiency and continue making improvements to product quality and reliability. We expect our customers to elevate the service experience, build more knowledge about their products and customers, and increase revenue from the existing customer install base.”

“Mize is well suited to serve the needs of the Automotive Industry. Suppliers like PSI must maintain accurate data and provide exceptional warranty and aftermarket service on a wide range of specially designed products,” notes Michael Blumberg, CMO of Mize. “Our Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox modules enable Automotive Suppliers to streamline warranty processes, reduce warranty costs, and improve product quality.”

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About Power Solutions International, Inc.

Power Solutions International, Inc. (PSI) is a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of a broad range of advanced, emission-certified engines and power systems. PSI provides integrated turnkey solutions to leading global original equipment manufacturers and end-user customers within the energy, industrial, and transportation end markets. The company’s unique in-house design, prototyping, engineering, and testing capacities allow PSI to customize clean, high-performance engines using a fuel agnostic strategy to run on a wide variety of fuels, including natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel, and biofuels. For more information about PSI, visit