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Syncron Announces Partnership with ASLOG

Partnership highlights Syncron’s commitment to the success of French manufacturers’ service organizations


PARIS, 12 July 2016Syncron, the only technology provider exclusively focused on service parts management for the world’s leading manufacturers, today announced its partnership with ASLOG, the French association for logistics and supply chain professionals. This partnership highlights Syncron’s continued commitment to service parts planning, pricing and management for French manufacturers.

“We are thrilled to partner with ASLOG and to learn more about the challenges facing supply chain professionals in France,” said Stefan Hagen, VP, Enterprise Sales, Central Europe at Syncron. “Following the announcement of Syncron’s Paris office opening, this partnership will allow us to not only support our growth in the region, but also tap into the minds of French manufacturers, ultimately discovering common pain points and trends. We are confident that as we continue to develop these relationships, we will be able to work together to solve manufacturers’ unique business challenges.”

With increasingly demanding customers and a contracting durable goods market, aftermarket activities are crucial for every company’s success and represent one of the main sources of revenue growth. Additionally, the effectiveness of aftermarket services is key to ensuring amazing customer experiences, and in-turn an increase in brand loyalty.

ASLOG, a French professional association and member of the European Logistics Association, addresses supply chain trends and challenges. Its mission is to support companies in their efforts to perform better and set themselves apart from the competition. ASLOG is nationally recognized and is the premier network of supply chain players in France.


Since 1972, ASLOG, the French Association for Logistics and Supply Chain, aims to encourage companies to involve logistics and supply chain executives in the first seats of Management Boards in order to promote the business issues, principles and challenges in supply chain, in all economic environments. Multi-sectoral with more than 400 companies, and nearly 1500 people network, ASLOG is today the leading French network of supply chain professionals. 

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Syncron is the only technology provider that exclusively focuses on service parts management for the world’s leading manufacturers. Syncron ensures inventory is in the right place at the right time, and sold at the optimal price. With offices in eight countries across Europe, North America and Asia, more than 100 brands trust Syncron to improve their service-business profitability and increase customer loyalty. For more information, visit