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Syncron Brings Insight on Improving Service Business Profitability to Copperberg’s Aftermarket Business Platform

Company presents strategies and tactics for manufacturers to improve service parts management and pricing at 10th annual gathering 


Munich, 4 Oct., 2016 – Syncron, the only aftermarket service provider that exclusively focuses on service parts management and pricing for the world’s leading manufacturers, today announces its sponsorship of the Aftermarket Business Platform by Copperberg (19 – 21 Oct., Wiesbaden). Syncron will be shedding light on current projects, best practices and success stories to help manufacturers improve their service business profitability. Highlights of the event include sessions from industry experts – such as Syncron’s Co-Founder Tony Abouzolof, discussing dealer network efficiency, and Head of Global Pricing Johan Östlin, speaking about the steps to ensure pricing excellence. 

Guaranteeing personalized customer experience can be particularly difficult when a large, extensive dealer network is involved in delivering parts and services to the end customer. In his session on 20 Oct. Abouzolof will explain how manufacturers can collaborate effectively with their dealer networks to deliver high levels of service parts availability, ultimately ensuring increased sales and happy customers.

“In today’s contracting durable goods market, post-sales service is an area where companies can improve not only margins and revenues, but also the overall customer experience”, explained Abouzolof. “Using automated and smart aftermarket service software for inventory, price, order and master data management helps to simplify and enhance these advancements.”

On the same day, Östlin will walk attendees through the seven steps for achieving service parts pricing excellence, including gathering basic data for price strategy analysis and process and customer complaint analysis, as well as strategies on product segmentation, current list price setting, market price levels and customer segmentation. The success of this approach will be outlined by a real-world example.

“Leading manufacturers around the world are optimizing their service parts pricing to deliver dramatic improvements to their top and bottom lines”, explains Östlin. “Companies following these pricing best practices can increase their service parts revenues and drive gross profits significantly.”

About Syncron

Syncron is the only aftermarket service provider that exclusively focuses on service parts management and pricing for the world’s leading manufacturers. The company’s award-winning SaaS solutions enable companies around the world to transform their aftermarket service operations by dramatically increasing profitability, cash flow and customer loyalty. Syncron’s global customer base includes a market-leading companies across diverse industries. The company is privately held, with its headquarters in Stockholm and offices throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia. For more information, visit