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Syncron’s Master Data Management Updates Continue to Make Life Easier for Data Stewards

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – 1 September 2015 – Syncron, an aftermarket service optimization company, recently announced the release of 41 enhancements and new features to its Master Data Management solution. These updates will help companies more easily maintain accurate data to aid in the implementation of everyday business functions.

The Master Data Management – Company solution is a central hub, or single point of reference, for all of the dispersed data a company may have. When set up correctly, it acts as the spider in the middle of a web by controlling the information that comes and goes from different environments and then synchronizes it to ensure conformity. Access to accurate information like this is crucial. Without it, core processes are impaired causing inefficiency, unforeseen expenditures and lost revenue.

Spurred by special requests from customers, the product team at Syncron looked for ways to make the existing platform even more robust while improving usability. Highlights of the release include:

  • Tabs for links and attachments were added to help keep all relevant images, documents and website content together in one complete record.
  • Filtering and merge capabilities were enhanced to improve the accuracy of data. Users can filter records against a separate Excel file in order to augment or cleanse the database. Merging records has also become easier. Users can now merge information between two records with almost no need for manual work.
  • New events have been introduced. Data managers can receive additional notifications when updates are made to the hub. The notifications flag records that need attention and prevent incomplete data from entering the system.
  • Expanded search capabilities now help users retrieve the information they are looking for more quickly.
  • Status icons and favorites links were included to improve the user experience by making it easier to identify and access key information quickly.

“We really wanted to find ways to make life easier for data stewards in the aftermarket service industries,” said Johan Elmqvist, product manager at Syncron. “Not only do these updates make the system easier to use, but they also help eliminate errors and duplicates, thereby improving the quality of the data.”