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Syncron’s New Dealer to Dealer (D2D) Software

By giving dealers visibility into parts inventories outside their distribution networks, Syncron D2D accelerates repair times while reducing shipping costs, excess stock, and parts returns

August 23, 2022 – Syncron today announced the launch of Syncron D2D, a powerful solution enhancement to Retail Inventory that reduces service repair times and increases revenue by extending parts inventory beyond dealer distribution networks to alternate dealers. Syncron D2D goes further than existing solutions with capabilities like parts distribution center (PDC) backorder recovery, a feature that automatically triggers a parts search and eliminates manual processing. By seamlessly integrating with existing retail inventory systems and includes a powerful mobile app, Syncron D2D maximizes parts availability and customer satisfaction while reducing excess stock and costs.

“With the pressure to get customers up and running again faster than ever, OEMs can no longer afford to rely on local dealer inventory only. The inventory breadth and depth required to serve the aftermarket is simply too big and lead times from OEM distribution centers, especially for parts out of stock, are too long,” says Staffan Theander, director of Service Supply Chain Solutions, Syncron. “With Syncron D2D, OEMs can use the entire dealer network inventory to cut backorder times and increase same-day repair rates while reducing network excess inventory and parts returns. This next-level inventory optimization and parts distribution, paired with the cost and time-saving automation of previously manual processes, makes Syncron D2D a game-changer for OEMs, dealers, and the customers who depend on them.”

Historically, when a Dealer needed a part that was out of stock at the OEM or Parts Distribution Center, the customer had to wait. While most OEMs can give dealers some visibility into other inventories, these systems are limited, requiring tedious manual processes and involves expediting shipments, thereby eroding profit margin and carry a substantial environmental burden. Instead, Syncron D2D automatically triggers a comprehensive search of potential sellers. When it finds the part needed, Syncron D2D facilitates the transaction. With an intuitive mobile app, dealers can automatically locate parts, optimize stock levels, respond to requests, offer dealer incentives, track shipments, and more. According to Gene Metheny from Carlisle and Company, the companies that have established the types of processes that Syncron is enabling have achieved significant improvements in backorder fulfillment rates, future parts returns, and dealer network stock obsolescence, as referenced in the Carlisle Group’s North American Parts Benchmarking study.

Syncron D2D Benefits      

  • Reduce customer wait times and equipment downtime
  • Improve customer and dealer satisfaction
  • Fewer returned and obsolete parts
  • Decrease overall inventory and excess stock
  • Lower expedited shipping costs
  • Fewer sales lost due to backorder delays

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Syncron empowers leading manufacturers and distributors to capitalize on the new service economy. We improve aftermarket business profitability, optimize working capital, increase customer loyalty, and enable customers to successfully transition to service-driven business models. With industry-leading investments in AI and ML, Syncron offers the first innovative, customer-endorsed, end-to-end intelligent Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) solutions portfolio. Delivered on our Connected Service Experience (CSX) platform, our solutions encompass service parts inventory, price, warranty, service contract, and field service management. It’s no secret that the world’s top brands trust Syncron, the largest privately-owned global leader in intelligent SLM SaaS solutions. For more, visit

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