Servitization has come a very long way since it’s initial inception. As connectivity, efficiency and sustainability take center stage in businesses worldwide, the concept of servitization – the selling of a product’s outcome, opposed to the selling of the product itself – has shifted from a ‘nice-to-have’ business model to a ‘need-to-have’ one. And, as the model of offering Products as a Service (PaaS) takes on a shape of its own, servitization is morphing into a practice that requires a complete business overhaul, changing the way multi-industry organizations operate.

That’s why Syncron is hosting Innovate2019 – the first-of-its-kind global leadership summit focused on 100% on servitization. This event was designed to facilitate conversations and provide insights for manufacturers exploring this inevitable shift.

Along the way, though, we’ve received lots of inbound questions about Innovate2019 and what the event itself has to offer. We’re sitting down with Syncron CMO Gary Brooks to cover some of the top questions on everyone’s mind… plus a few of our own. Read below to learn more about why you should attend Innovate2019.

Why is Syncron hosting this event?

Innovate2019 is a response to our customers’ request for an servitization event that brings together like-minded manufacturing leaders to exchange ideas on how servitization will shape the future of their businesses. The long-term relationships Syncron has built with executives from some of the top manufacturing brands in the world put us in the exact right position to share just how we’re delivering solutions that enable companies to make this shift to servitization. Our main focus is help organizations optimize the performance of their core business models, while simultaneously investing in the development of innovative, future-oriented strategies and processes that will enable them to pivot and offer products as a service.

What value will I receive from attending the keynotes and breakout sessions?

Why does anyone attend an industry event? To fuel the future of their company. And, by putting together keynote and breakout sessions that provide you with insights into the significant business and economic opportunities ahead, Innovate2019 will help you do just that. Simply put, we’re all at a point of inflection where business models are rapidly changing to meet the evolving landscape of technology and consumer preferences. And, businesses that are used to solely selling new products and servicing them are now looking at new models that result in recurring revenue. That’s why learning from like-minded industry leaders on how to future-proof your business in a hyper-competitive world will be the key to success in the coming years.

Who will I get to meet and interact with at the event?

We’re bringing together a collection of the top educators, management consultants and executives from leading OEMs to share their vision of how the transition to selling products as services will transform businesses, economies and livelihoods. There’s a reason why thought-leaders from McKinsey, IDC, and Bocconi University have said, “yes, I need to speak at this event.” Innovate2019 was designed to help manufacturers fuel the future growth of their company by providing access to some of the industries most trusted experts in academia and global analyst firms who are helping guide manufacturers into uncharted territory. You’ll be able to build relationships with executives and practitioners from global manufacturers that are headed in the same direction as you are; and, by learning from the business challenges faced by your peers, you’ll leave inspired to make quantum leaps to capitalize on the opportunities servitization presents.

What makes Innovate2019 different from other events I’ve attended before?

So many industry events are focused on how to optimize current business strategies – incremental improvements to existing systems and business models. But what about the business opportunities of the future? The companies that simply make small improvements over time will miss the boat. The forward-thinking leaders at Innovate2019 will help guide organizations into this unchartered territory, where companies need to learn how to flip today’s business on its head and look at it in a fundamentally different way, while simultaneously exploring new business models that help organizations tilt in the right direction. We’re extremely aligned with what OEMs are going through and we’re committed to making significant investments that will enable those same OEMs to transform as the industry evolves.

Are you one of the forward-leaning service leaders that already has a servitization strategy, or are you fearful about the future and where this shift leaves your company’s fate? No matter which end of the spectrum you’re on – Innovate2019 is the place for you.

The transformations happening in the industry are epic and they are happening right now. Manufacturers need to prepare for change, and what better way than to follow along with the people who are lighting the way as we enter a new decade of innovation. Visit today to learn more about the servitization event of the year.

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