Top 10 Takeaways on Data Collection and Uncovering Greater Service Outcomes

Welcome back! We’re here at Field Service in Palm Springs. Day one we tackled intensive workshops, and now it’s day two, and first up to the podium was Gary Brooks, CMO at Syncron, sharing his thoughts on the importance of making the transition from delivering products to delivering business outcomes. Later, we heard from from […]

Machine Learning and Servitization: The Art of Pricing in an AI-Driven World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are huge topics in tech news today. The technology is being used to identify clusters of pest infestation, pinpoint areas for crop yield improvement and find areas of low birth rates to provide additional health initiatives. And, in manufacturing, advances in AI and machine learning have driven improvements in […]

Why Adopting the Right Technology is Crucial to Making Servitization a Reality

New and emerging technology has always played a key role in manufacturing. But, the adoption of that technology is where true industry revolution takes place. It determines who will rise to the top, and who will fall to the wayside – because, it’s the companies who select technology that streamlines processes, optimizes budget and improves […]

Field Service Market Disruptors and the Key to Success

While the organizational and technological structure of the manufacturing world is evolving, a major key to success for these organizations is remembering the human aspect of applying new technologies and business strategies in order to retain skilled staff and improve the customer experience. Earlier this year at Field Service USA 2018, hosted by Worldwide Business […]

How Artificial Intelligence and IoT Give Data Insight at Scale

To make servitization a reality, other major tech trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are serving as some of the supportive pillars of product uptime. And at Field Service USA 2018, hosted by Worldwide Business Research, the Syncron team led our annual workshop focused on these specific trends […]

Introducing the State Of Emerging Tech In Field Service

At the 2018 Field Service USA event, hosted by Worldwide Business Research and attended by industry leaders like FedEx, GE, Ford, Oracle and Salesforce, the Syncron team led its annual workshop focusing on new trends and emerging tech, and their potential impact on field service. This year’s workshop was divided into four discussion topics: Servitization, IoT […]