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Let's start exploring the words in our business.

We know that it could sometimes be hard to keep up with the vocabulary we use in our company and the industries we work with. Here’s a first step to learn our Syncron language.


Is referring to the buying and selling of parts or equipment for a product after the initial product was manufactured and sold. An aftermarket product may be identical to the original or even include different features. E.g. a car is switching out a spare part 1 year after it was sold, the aftermarket is referring to the whole process of production, distribution and retailing of this spare part.


After-sales is the provision of services, support and spare parts after making an initial sale.


The goods and material a business holds for the purpose of being sold

Inventory Management:


Original Equipment Manufacturer is a company that produces parts and equipments. 

Predictive Maintenance: 

Predictive maintenance is the technique of using condition data from an equipment in field in order to predict a failure before it occurs.

Price Management / Syncron Price:

What is Price Management and how does our Syncron Price product work? Watch the video to learn more!


Servitization is referring to a process of building revenue streams for manufactures from services. Instead of selling a one-off sale like a car, you are selling product-as-a-service e.g. car rental services. 

Syncron Uptime:

Is one of products in our Syncron cloud solutions. By using our Syncron Uptime product our customers have access to real-time insight into the uptime of their systems. By collecting and analyzing data from sensors, error codes or maintenance systems, our product can help the customer to forecast part demands, prevent unplanned downtime, coordinate maintenance of their products before they fail.


Uptime is a measure of system reliability. It’s expressed as a percentage of time a machine/product/software has been working and available to be utilized. The opposite of uptime is downtime.


Learn more about servitization

What is servitization? Listen to our Chief Product Officer, Henrik Lenerius, explain what it is, why is it important, and what makes Syncrons solution valuable for our customers.




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