The Syncron team is here at Field Service USA 2017 live blogging some of the keynotes, panels, and breakout sessions throughout the event!

This morning we heard from Sarah O’Brien of Sears Holding Corporation on leading change and business transformation in field service, and creating a customer-centric organization. Next, we heard from Mark Bloom, Senior Director of Strategy & Operations at The Service Cloud of Salesforce, on delivering conversational field service to elevate the customer experience.

Bloom is a thought leader in Customer Support and Field Service with experience serving Salesforce Service Cloud customers of all sizes and industries, including large, complex and strategic implementations that required deep service transformation.

Here are ten of the most tweet-worthy takeaways from Bloom’s session on how to deliver the ultimate customer experience through conversational field service:

Just delivering excellent service isn’t enough. #fieldservice is often the end of the road. @fieldservicewbr Cliquez pour tweeter Companies need to think as one when they’re looking to deliver the #customerexperience @fieldservicewbr Cliquez pour tweeter #brandloyalty is no longer just about product + price #customerexperience is the new brand differentiator. Cliquez pour tweeter In this newly connected world, #customerexperiences are more important than ever. @fieldservicewbr Cliquez pour tweeter Apps are driving communication, yet many brands tech doesn’t allow for it. @fieldservicewbr Cliquez pour tweeter Disruptive companies use #fieldservice to transform the #customerexperience @fieldservicewbr Cliquez pour tweeter Millennials aren’t the only ones driving change… conversations within the organization are. @fieldservicewbr Cliquez pour tweeter Delivering good #fieldservice can’t drive the right #customerexperience alone. @fieldservicewbr Cliquez pour tweeter You can’t always rely on tools and the ability to connect for the ultimate #customerexperience @fieldservicewbr Cliquez pour tweeter Productivity and #customerservice must be leveraged during the entire customer conversation. @fieldservicewbr Cliquez pour tweeter

With more than a day’s worth of networking, technology, and strategy, we’re learning some of the best tools in field service support and customer experience. Join us as we continue to live blog our experience during the rest of this week’s performance workshops, interactive working groups, content sessions, and so much more.