Beyond the Basics: Parts Pricing Tactics for Best-in-Class Manufacturers

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As manufacturers continue to adapt to the COVID-19 threat, aftersales executives are under a tremendous amount of pressure to implement new strategies to drive results quickly – leading to lost focus and productivity. On the back of our popular “Back to Basics” webinar on optimized pricing, Syncron and Carlisle & Co. look to offer additional pricing insights.

Join Syncron’s Jan Barbrock and Carlisle’s Adam Brody  for a discussion on intermediate-level pricing strategies that companies can use after they have already established the fundamental building blocks of successful pricing.

Highlights of the discussion will include:

  •  Conducting competitive price profiling to understand price strategies from competing OEM and aftermarket players
  • Analytical strategies to measure where each product is in its lifecycle, and how lifecycle stage can be used in conjunction with inventory levels to execute yield-based pricing
  • How to effectively plan, execute, and analyze promotions
  • Global pricing best practices for managing price corridors in multiple regions of the world, each with different competitive landscapes and unique market requirements
  • Segmenting customers effectively to control net pricing across many different channels, markets, and even product line