EDAX Optimizes Field Service Management Automation

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EDAX optimizes field service management automation

How accurately manufactured is that product you depend on? EDAX knows. A business unit of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division, EDAX, is a global leader in Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS), Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD), Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (WDS) and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) systems. EDAX manufactures, markets, and services high-quality products and systems for leading companies in semiconductors, metals, and geological, biological, material and ceramics markets, helping OEMs create their best, most precise products.


EDAX wanted to improve the service experience they delivered to customers. Critical to accomplishment: orchestrate better Field Service Management and integrate workflow with their ERP and CRM systems. The company’s objective was to make their field service technicians more productive and deliver better customer service consistently and conveniently.

Obstacles to EDAX achieving its goal encompassed ongoing management of a legacy service transaction system developed long ago that was increasingly cumbersome to use. Challenges included free-form fields with no ability to validate data entry, outdated templates and forms, and limited offline capabilities. This resulted in the company receiving the bulk of service requests from customers by phone or email, contributing to increased costs and frustrated customers.

To rectify their problem, EDAX realized they would immediately benefit from automating Service Lifecycle Management. Functionality areas they sought from a platform included a Customer Portal, Product Registration, Warranty, Service Plans, Inspection, Service Quoting, Field Service, with online and offline access capabilities. The system needed to provide a simple, easy-to-use interface for customers to access self-service knowledge, support and service requests, and operational information for their product.


EDAX selected Syncron to optimize its Field Service Management. They deployed the Connected Service Experience provider’s My Customer Portal solution globally to EDAX’s service technicians, their distributor channel partner’s tech teams, and directly to their customer install base. Accessibility is provided through desktop and mobile devices.

The ERP and CRM-integrated system enabled EDAX with configurable service management to improve efficiencies while delivering a better customer experience. The SaaS-based solution proved simple to configure and use, providing the company the ability to streamline all their service operations cost-effectively, both online and offline.

Customer Connect platform, encompassing configured SmartBlox to achieve:​

  • Registration: Simplified and automated the entire product registration process ​
  • Support: Managed support requests, routing, tracking, and resolution​
  • Knowledge: Problems solved by tech’s quickly finding answers to questions
  • Returns: Simplified and integrates Parts return processes​
  • Service: Optimized end-to-end service fulfillment and execution ​
  • Inspections: Enabled ability to perform pre-delivery and arrival condition and regularly scheduled service inspections
  • Plans: Increased attach rate and renewals of service contracts.