How to Adopt Circular Economy Practices (and Why It Matters)

A Strategic Guide for Aftermarket Services

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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are facing growing pressure from consumers, governments, and industry to adopt environmentally responsible practices. In response to this demand and shifting market dynamics, OEMs are embracing the circular economy (CE) model.

This white paper provides key OEM decision-makers with the essential knowledge and tools to embed circular economy principles in their operations by diving into the following:

  • What is the circular economy? Describes the key principles and drivers around adopting a circular economy for OEMs.
  • Why does it matter to OEMs? Outlines the key benefits for OEMs by transitioning to a circular economy including cost savings and brand enhancement.
  • Circular economy best practices: Covers how to reduce CapEx while meeting sustainability goals.
  • How to leverage software solutions: Discusses the crucial role technology plays in aftermarket from dynamic pricing to depot repair management.
  • Roadmap to the circular economy: Offers OEMs a blueprint for sustainable and profitable operations.
  • How to implement CE principles: A breakdown of practical ways OEMs can start facilitating the shift to a circular economy.

Download the full white paper to learn why and how OEMs are shifting to a circular economy for their aftermarket.