Mazda Motor Logistics Europe (MLE) Uses Syncron Inventory to Improve Service Parts Availability

while keeping inventory levels to a minimum

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Managing service parts inventory can be a delicate balance, especially when that balance must be struck across a network of sites supplying 28 distribution centers throughout Europe. This was the challenge Mazda was facing as they searched for a platform that could extend their supply chain visibility to improve inventory turnover and service levels even more. The cloud-based service parts inventory management capabilities of Syncron Inventory was the best solution for this transition.

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Thanks to a fully automated demand forecasting and replenishment planning process, Syncron has helped Mazda achieve high customer-service levels and outstanding inventory turnover for more than 20 years. But now, by applying to Syncron Inventory to their regional distribution centers and dealer inventories, Mazda’s optimization of its after-sales supply chain has improved through visibility from the top down.


By implementing Syncron Inventory throughout these vast systems, Mazda automatically receives the information necessary for balancing overstock with understock by pulling back excess inventory to the central warehouse and transferring parts among various inventory points. This solution ultimately provides the necessary visibility for the Mazda inventory management process.

  • Extended supply chain visibility into regional distribution centers and dealer inventories
  • Automated process for balancing overstock with understock between inventory points
  • Garnered further improvements in inventory turnover and customer service levels