Scot JCB Creates the Exceptional Customer Experience

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When your business is built on the reputation of your aftersales service, getting machines up and running quickly is critical. And, to do that you need to have parts in stock – where and when you need them. In this video, learn how Scot JCB improved parts availability by 10% using Syncron Retail Inventory.

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Scot JCB creates the exceptional customer experience

Ryan Espie, Group Parts Manager / Scot JCB
The Scot JCB Group is made up of four different companies: Scot JCB, Scot Plant Seals, Scot Industrial Air, and Scot Agri. We supply products, services, and parts to the construction, agricultural, food, and waste industries all across the north of the United Kingdom.

Scot JCB is very much a business built on its reputation of after sales service.

Stuart McCarlie, Assistant Parts Manager / Scot JCB
Scot JCB is a family-run business where customer satisfaction and getting the customer up and running as quickly as possible, is at the forefront of our minds. Our customers come back to us time and time again for parts, service, and missions because of the availability we have, and the ability to get the machines up and running in a timely manner. If we can improve in the parts side, we can improve in the service side, because we can get out to the jobs quicker if we have the parts in stock.

Our off-the-shelf availability, since we implemented Syncron, has gone up somewhere in between 5 and 10 percent depending on the supplier. And also our inventory has reduced considerably, therefore giving us a cost saving, but also increasing customer satisfaction.

Ryan Espie, Group Parts Manager / Scot JCB
We were always told that Syncron would increase the breadth of your stock but decrease the depth. So basically we would have fast moving items that we would have less of, but more coming in on a regular basis. But you would have more of those items that don’t move quite as often, and I can definitely confirm that it works.

Syncron very much speeds up the order process incredibly. We, between myself and my colleague, by that I mean one person, we will have all orders done, for all depots, on a daily basis, in one hour.

Stuart McCarlie, Assistant Parts Manager / Scot JCB
Without Syncron our job would be so much more difficult, and many more people would be needed for the job than we have at this moment.

Ryan Espie, Group Parts Manager / Scot JCB
Within Syncron you can look at an individual line order, see what other depots have in stock.

You can see usage at that particular depot, you can see the sales history, you can see everything from within Syncron without having to go into your business system at all. Which again is a good savings, you don’t have to flip between screens, which is a real time saver.

Stuart McCarlie, Assistant Parts Manager / Scot JCB
It is a great product. The time savings we have with it, and the inventory savings, outweigh the investment in the system.