RIM Best Practices Workshop Offer

Get the Fundamentals to Launch a Best-in-Class RIM Program

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Want to take your RIM program to the next level?

Retail Inventory Management (RIM) systems have the power to harness point of sale data to optimize dealer inventory investment, vastly simplifying the dealer ordering experience.

In this 90-minute workshop, Carlisle&Co, the preferred provider of strategic guidance and tactical solutions for the world’s leading motor vehicle brands, will share the essentials of launching a best-in-class RIM program.

We’re inviting automotive manufacturers to schedule a free 90-minute workshop to identify specific opportunities to accelerate the success of your RIM program. 

RIM Workshop Offer

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Discover how Syncron can help you realize 5 key benefits of a next-level RIM program:

  1. End-customer satisfaction
  2. Increased dealer purchase loyalty
  3. Higher dealer sales
  4. Reduced dealer inventory obsolescence
  5. Lower parts return rates from dealers to the OEM
Key Areas for Discovery Include:
Building a Business Case for RIM
Dealer Collaboration Models
Key RIM Functionality
Metrics / Key Performance Indicators
Terms and Conditions to Support RIM
RIM Software Providers
Implementation Considerations

RIM Workshop Offer
Why Do Companies Invest in RIM?

A well-designed RIM solution can drive Dealer and OEM benefits such as:

  • End-customer satisfaction
  • Increased dealer purchase loyalty
  • Higher dealer sales
  • Reduced dealer inventory obsolescence
  • Lower parts return rates from dealers to the OEM
RIM Workshop Offer
Ready to take advantage of this offer?

Uncover your Potential to Drive Value from RIM in three easy steps

The RIM Best Practices Workshop is an opportunity for manufacturers to work directly with Carlisle to better understand the value RIM can provide to their organization.

Here’s how it works:

First, schedule your RIM Discovery Session and Qualification with Syncron Team

Second, attend a 90-Minute Workshop with Carlisle

Third, receive your custom insights in a workshop output review with Syncron and Carlisle