The Results Are In: Maximized Product Uptime is Essential to Future Success

Today’s customer demands are raising the bar for after-sales service. What used to be considered convenient or ‘nice-to-have’ is now the industry standard, and manufacturers are feeling these shifts now more than ever. For decades, manufacturers have been focused on repair execution – repairing a product after it has already broken down. But today, 98% of customers indicated they want to see maximized product uptime prioritized in their manufacturers’ service agreements.

But, only 33% of manufacturers offer this today.

This epic change is driving manufacturers to shift their focus from repair execution to repair prevention – or maximizing product uptime. And with customer expectations changing faster than you can hail an Uber, it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to transform their businesses from reactive, break-fix service models to ones focused on maximizing product uptime.

To put some hard data behind this major trend, we collaborated with Worldwide Business Research (WBR) to determine how prepared manufacturers are to meet these rising customer expectations and are excited to launch our findings in a new research report, “Maximized Product Uptime: The Emerging Industry Standard.” 

The research highlights the gap between customers’ increasing demand for maximized product uptime and manufacturers’ ability to deliver it, plus strategies for manufacturers to start meeting these new expectations today. Check out the infographic below for additional key findings:

Customers are demanding maximized product uptime and manufacturers understand they need to deliver it, but they don’t yet have the infrastructure in place to support it. In this research report, discover and learn how maximized product uptime is impacting the customer experience and why that matters to manufacturers. Download the research report to learn more!