Parts Price Optimization: Opportunities and Obstacles

Find out how price optimization can improve bottom-line performance, the different pricing strategies for consideration, how to effectively segment parts to simplify the process, and how the price maturity model can help organizations increase value over time.

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The ultimate price optimization guide

How manufacturers can use price optimization to reduce the impact of economic uncertainties

Market realities are driving more customers to repair machinery and industrial equipment instead of replacing it. In addition to impacting revenues and business volumes, this puts pressure on spare parts suppliers to deliver the right part at the right price and the right time. Price optimization is an essential strategy for doing this effectively.

This pricing guide outlines the opportunities of moving beyond cost-based pricing to implementing price optimization for bottom-line benefit. Highlights include:

  • How price optimization can help maximize margins and overall profits
  • The different pricing strategies manufacturers can use
  • Ways to better align pricing with perceived customer value
  • How to overcome issues like SKU volumes, data needs, segmentation challenges, and technology limitations to implement price optimization