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Déployez avec succès le PaaS avec une tarification précise et efficace

Optimisez la tarification des contrats complexes à l’aide de la technologie prédictive afin de minimiser les risques et de maximiser les marges des offres de services nouvelles et existantes, y compris les contrats à service complet et les produits en tant que service (PaaS).

  • Réduire le risque contractuel
  • Bénéfices et marges sécurisés
  • Améliorer les délais de devis
  • Augmenter la transparence et la traçabilité
  • Fidélisez vos clients sur le long terme
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Price service contracts with a purpose-built solution

Driven by innovation and customer demand, manufacturers are redefining their business models from selling one-off parts to full-service contracts and product-as-a-service. However, risk exposure is a key challenge when offering an upfront price for an undefined scope of service. To succeed, you need an automation tool that can analyze time and material, customer usage, and product performance. This data guarantees you’re generating the best possible price.

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Reduce the risk of unprofitable contracts by leveraging ML technology for data-driven insights.


Streamline your workflow to decrease price quote lead time and single-person dependencies.


Capture and manage all contract and customer data in a secure cloud platform.


Offer tailored pricing that reflects the customer’s environment, application, and install base.

Contract Price -Risk Assessment
Perform advanced risk analysis with data-driven insights

Risk Assessment

Leverage data-driven risk assessments to capture performance and volatility of historical contracts.

  • Visualize and analyze the cost breakdown of any given contract
  • Use machine learning-based risk profiles for risk analysis
  • Capture the performance of contracts to determine which have a higher risk or a lower probability of profit
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Visualize cost breakdown

Analyze the breakdown of predicted costs over relevant factors such as time, usage, cost categories, and more.

Compare contract risk

Understand the risks of different contracts by examining measures such as customer application, service duration, and more.

Gain deeper insights

Analyze performance of historical contracts for insight into which contracts have higher financial risk.

Contract Price - Advanced Analytics
Optimize margins with more accurate prices

Advanced Analytics

Leverage machine learning-based price analytics to ensure secure margins and accurate pricing.

  • Generate cost predictions for all unknown service costs
  • Adjust contract parameters to analyze scenarios and quotes for any given contract
  • Understand how costs are expected to evolve over time
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Leverage cost predictions

Use machine learning-based price analytics to generate cost predictions for all unknown service costs.

Simulate contract adjustments

Simulate how adjustments of contract parameters affect profitability and risk exposure.

Analyze the evolution of costs

Anticipate changes in costs over the contract life cycle.

Contract Price Productivity Scalability
Streamline cross-functional processes

Productivity & Scalability

Create a single source of truth by capturing all information in one pricing automation tool.

  • Review and collaborate on complex contracts in a single application
  • Create a standardized quoting process across all stakeholders
  • Leverage the most recent and accurate data to make informed pricing decisions
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Maintain data in one place

Review and collaborate on contracts and their constituents, parameters, and price calculations.

Standardize quoting processes

Create a standardized quoting process across all contracts, service locations, and customers.

Keep data up-to-date

Act on trends quickly with the most recent data at your fingertips.

Contract Price - Customer Loyalty
Turn customers into lifelong partners

Customer Loyalty

Provide customers with optimal prices based on application, environment, and more, resulting in a superior purchasing experience.

  • Offer consistent and transparent pricing to your entire customer base
  • Price accurately with insight into how much maintenance and service is required for any given contract
  • Make it easier for customers to buy from you
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Offer tailored pricing

Deliver pricing that reflects the customer's environment, application, and install base.

Eliminate guesswork

Accurately quote the amount of maintenance and service required for any given contract.

Create lifelong partners

Make buying easier with consistent and transparent pricing.

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