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Building Resilience with Advanced Asset Management Solutions

Cultivating operational excellence with customized solutions for construction and mining

In the ever-growing construction and mining industries, operations heavily rely on the seamless functioning of high-value equipment. The booming demand in these industries necessitates a robust infrastructure that minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency. With elevated demand levels, companies in these sectors seek agile, intelligent solutions to streamline operations, optimize costs, and deliver value consistently. Utilizing advanced asset management solutions tailored to meet the industry-specific challenges of construction and mining can be the difference maker for operational excellence and enhanced profitability.

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Navigating demand surge with proactive inventory strategies

Syncron Parts Planning

In the industries of construction and mining, the pressure to meet elevated demand levels with optimal efficiency is a constant challenge. The top driver of asset downtime, consistently being parts availability, makes Syncron Parts Planning a steadfast partner solution in this endeavor. Syncron Parts Planning can accurately forecast demand, optimize inventory levels, and automate replenishment plans. Ensuring the right parts are always at hand, operations can maintain a brisk pace, meeting targets and avoiding costly delays.

Syncron Dealer Parts Planning

The link between OEMs and dealers is particularly critical in construction and mining. Syncron Dealer Parts Planning strengthens this relationship, enabling a collaborative approach to forecasting and planning that enhances the efficacy of the supply chain. This collaboration ensures the timely availability of crucial equipment and parts at the retail level, facilitating a smoother, more responsive operational flow.

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Dealer Parts Planning

Syncron Dealer Parts Planning fournit des outils de planification virtuels pour distribuer efficacement les stocks de pièces aux réseaux en aval et aligner les stratégies du marché de l’après-vente.

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Parts Planning

Syncron Parts Planning permet de minimiser les tâches manuelles, d’éliminer les surstocks et de transformer les données d’inventaire en informations exploitables.

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• Price

Strategic pricing models: Fostering sustainability and competitiveness

Syncron Price

In the fiercely competitive landscape of construction and mining, strategic parts pricing emerges as a necessity for business success. Through features including our comprehensive price waterfall and price curve optimization, Syncron Price assists in honing pricing strategies, allowing companies to remain competitive while safeguarding their profitability margins amidst fluctuating market demands. Service providers can increase their bottom line without impacting their market demand, ensuring brand loyalty and value realization remain intact with their customers.

Syncron Contract Price

Service contracts within these sectors require a nuanced approach that accurately reflects the complexity and costs involved in maintenance and support services. Syncron Contract Price steps in with machine learning-driven cost models that scrutinize every facet, from labor to parts expenses, crafting competitive and profitable contracts underpinned by intelligent data insights. Leveraging configurable quoting interfaces, service providers can ensure the contracts are not only tailored to individual customers but clearly highlight the respective risk and profitability measures.

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Syncron Price utilise une technologie avancée pour identifier les opportunités de prix cachées qui ont un impact positif sur les performances de l’entreprise en maximisant les ventes, le chiffre d’affaires et la rentabilité des services.

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Contract Price

Syncron Contract Price optimise la tarification des contrats basée sur les résultats pour générer de nouveaux revenus, augmenter les marges, réduire les risques contractuels et fidéliser les clients à long terme.

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• Service

Maximizing uptime through streamlined warranty and technical support

Syncron Warranty Management

For the construction and mining industries, repairing and replacing equipment can quickly add up to a significant cost. If the maintenance is still under warranty, being able to review, validate, and process warranty claims efficiently becomes a necessity, given the high value. Syncron Warranty Management streamlines the warranty claims process, crafting programs that align with the expectations and requirements of modern industries. This fosters trust and cultivates long-term relationships, ensuring customer satisfaction remains at the forefront.

Syncron Technician Enablement

In industries where every minute counts, the talent of skilled technicians can make a substantial difference. However, not every technician works the same way, and knowledge often becomes siloed across organizations. Syncron Technician Enablement supports technicians in diagnosing and resolving issues swiftly, encouraging a higher first-time fix rate and reducing the mean time to repair. This initiative fosters a more agile, efficient operational landscape that maximizes uptime and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

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Technician Enablement

Syncron Technician Enablement permet aux organisations de services sur le terrain de mobiliser les techniciens tout en leur donnant des capacités puissantes et faciles à utiliser pour rationaliser les tâches de service de bout en bout.

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Warranty Management

Syncron Warranty Management rationalise les processus de garantie et fournit aux principales parties prenantes les outils dont elles ont besoin pour réduire les coûts de garantie, améliorer la qualité des produits et augmenter les renouvellements de plans.

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Customer Stories

Le soutien et le fait de disposer d’un groupe de personnes qui comprennent les besoins de LP et le système lui-même – que nous pouvons consulter en cas de pépin ou de problème et qui peuvent trouver une solution relativement rapidement – sont extrêmement importants pour nous aider à maintenir notre efficacité.

Roy Arney • Warranty Claims Manager • LP Building Solutions
Construction & Mining

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  • Warranty & Service Contracts
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JCB presented us with an opportunity to engage with Syncron. If we have the parts the customer needs when we need them, that is going to leave very happy and satisfied customers, not only on the parts, but on the machines.

Ben Rowland • Corporate Parts Manager • Northland JCB
Construction & Mining

Parts availability helps Northland JCB gain repeat business with support of Syncron solutions

Products Used
  • Parts Planning
  • Service Supply Chain
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Nous considérons Syncron comme un partenaire stratégique pour optimiser notre gestion des pièces de rechange.

Katsuaki Ishii, Pricing Manager, HCE
Construction & Mining

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  • Service Go to Market
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