Shifting Gears from Reactive to Proactive

Did you know that a majority of U.S. and European automotive consumers are interested in vehicle subscription services?

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How Customers’ Rising Interest in the Subscription Economy is Revolutionizing the Automotive Dealer Service Experience

Nearly 60% of vehicle owners recently indicated they use their dealer for maintenance and repairs today, with more than 90% describing their most recent dealer service experience positively. But what happens when the subscription economy makes its way into the automotive space and completely redefines decades-old service processes?

Syncron set out to understand how customers view the dealer service experience today and what their expectations are for the future, surveying 500 vehicle owners across the U.S. and Europe.

Key findings include:

  • 60% of survey respondents indicated that they are unfamiliar with vehicle subscriptions, however, 57% were very interested when presented with the concept
  • Around 60% of respondents indicated fixed monthly cost and included maintenance and repairs as the biggest advantages of vehicle subscription services
  • Nearly 40% of vehicle owners indicating that a negative dealer service experience would sway their perception of a brand