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Renforcer les niveaux de service au moindre coût possible

Optimize your parts inventory to achieve a more connected, reliable, profitable, and customer service-focused aftermarket business.

  • Améliorez l’expérience de service grâce à une disponibilité accrue des pièces
  • Réduire les stocks excédentaires et obsolètes et les coûts de la chaîne d’approvisionnement mondiale
  • Augmenter les revenus et les bénéfices du marché secondaire
  • Améliorez la productivité et prenez des décisions plus rapidement
  • Éliminer le gaspillage et les erreurs manuelles
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Recognized Again as a Leader in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for Service Parts Management

Syncron Inventory Management

Access the right parts, in the right place, at the right time

Rapidly changing technology, market volatility, and increasing customer expectations put a tremendous strain on the aftermarket supply chain and on you and your channel partners to deliver on-demand services. To stay ahead of these pressures, it’s critical to optimize your parts inventory with a SaaS platform that can digitally transform your operations and provide AI- and ML-driven insights to simplify and automate complex processes, increase parts availability, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

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Optimize the complete service parts supply chain and improve parts availability up to 20%.


Lower stock holding, freight, and other aftermarket supply chain costs by up to 40%.


Eliminate manual processes and waste and expand worker efficiency and customer focus.


Run simulations and produce data-driven insights to make swifter, more accurate decisions.

Donner la priorité à la durabilité sans

compromettre la rentabilité de l’optimisation des émissions de carbone

Analyser l’impact carbone des méthodes de commande en tenant compte des niveaux de coût et de service
  • Réduire le fret à fortes émissions de CO2 tout en augmentant les niveaux de service
  • Identifier les tendances entre les niveaux de service, la valeur du stock et les émissions de CO2 estimées.
  • Simuler l’évolution des émissions de CO2 au niveau des politiques et des segments
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Aligner les méthodes de transport sur les types de commande

Comprendre comment, selon les types de commandes, les émissions de carbone sont modifiées en fonction des méthodes de transport.

Analyser les émissions annuelles de CO2 estimées

Analyser les tendances annuelles des émissions de carbone pour les commandes de réapprovisionnement, les commandes urgentes et les commandes à la demande.

Visibilité à plusieurs niveaux pour les émissions de carbone

Contrôler et gérer les émissions de carbone au niveau mondial, selon les segments ou les produits d’un inventaire.

Analyse efficace grâce à des statistiques prescriptives et visuelles

Exploiter les capacités des cartes thermiques de votre inventaire pour identifier et gérer rapidement les modifications importantes à effectuer.

Demand Forecasting
Synchronize your supply chain

Demand forecasting

Close the gap between which inventory items you think you may need and what you will actually need on hand to free up valuable working capital.

  • Fine-tune forecasting accuracy by analyzing varying data sets and applying best-fit algorithms
  • Calculate probabilities for different demand outcomes
  • Make accurate, on-the-fly adjustments based on campaigns and market knowledge
  • Aggregate demands across BOM structures and the supply chain
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Master aftermarket forecasting challenges

Merge scarce individual parts data with data from similar stocking locations to predict and generate more accurate demand profiles and automatically create millions of forecasts.

Predict the probability of outcomes

Calculate probabilities of different demand outcomes by utilizing individual and related item data and feed the inventory optimization engine with accurate demand distributions.

Manage exceptions in real-time

Adjust forecasts individually—or in bulk—in real-time through automatic outlier detection and critical forecast alerts to proactively manage exceptions.

Plan ahead of service demands

React faster to changes in end customer behavior by aggregating demand and forecasting from the point of sale to upper echelons and from assemblies to components.

Inventory Optimization
Access the right parts, in the right place, at the right time

Inventory optimization

Capture and automate your most intelligent strategies for managing inventory and improve service levels and experiences.

  • Optimize inventory across a multi-echelon distribution network
  • Order parts in the most economic quantities
  • Improve inventory management with cluster analytics
  • Deliver parts efficiently
  • Reduce total stock holding value up to 30%
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Distribute inventory optimally

Allocate inventory across your supply chain by automatically considering vertical and horizontal dependencies and utilizing virtual planning to share parts stock across stock keeping locations.

Calculate accurate replenishment levels

Right-size parts ordering quantities and timings and eliminate the risk of overstocking to keep inventory—and costs—at optimal levels by automatically identifying demand distributions and using best-fit algorithms.

Manage inventory with cluster analytics

Cluster stocking locations with similar demand patterns and use the richer cluster demand data to lay out a more accurate inventory strategy and improve inventory management.

Select the optimal mode of transport

Monitor delivery times to find the optimal balance between time and cost when selecting the transportation mode for your refill order plan, and dynamically adjust lead times based on actual events to ensure accurate data is used in planning.

Stock Replenishment
Refill inventory efficiently and effectively

Stock replenishment

Execute on established calculated inventory replenishment policies for ordering parts stock and to increase their availability by up to 20%.

  • Automate stock replenishment
  • Mitigate the risk of run-outs
  • Maximize order fill up
  • Share order schedules and plans with suppliers
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Automate parts replenishment

Utilize a policy approval review process engine to automate ordering and parts replenishment to manage stock refills more efficiently.

Ensure parts are available when needed

Minimize and control the risk of run-outs by analyzing forecasts and product lead times to predict when to place rush orders.

Utilize every inch of container space

Ensure that you’re getting every corner of your shipping container filled, or meeting supplier value targets, by automatically identifying tomorrow’s order lines.

Collaborate with your suppliers

Enable order schedule sharing and plan synchronization with your suppliers to improve individual parts delivery accuracy and reactivity.

Analytics, Simulations, & Reporting
Differentiate your service operations with advanced analytics

Analytics, simulations, and reporting

Use data to your advantage and unlock opportunities across the entire service supply chain and inventory ecosystem.

  • Gain invaluable visibility into inventory operations
  • Synthesize millions of data points to produce clear and actionable insights
  • Travel back in time and use “what-if” analyses to predict business outcomes
  • Use GPS data to track equipment in the field and their location
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Analyze operations data

Generate numerous performance optimized reports specifically engineered for the aftermarket to quickly gain insights on your inventory operations and KPIs.

Deploy data-driven insights

Mine your operations data for meaningful insights into anomalies and trends that can propel your business forward and view personalized insights on custom dashboards.

Predict business scenario impacts

Leverage simulation and processing tools to view an alternate past and simulate different scenarios for faster, better decision-making without sacrificing quality.

Monitor your install base

Obtain and track GPS data from machines in the field to better predict at which locations they will be serviced next to improve demand forecasting and parts ordering decision making.


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