With Syncron, Bileko Car Parts Gains a Expanded Modern System

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By implementing Syncron Inventory, Bileko Car Parts is equipped to continuously grow and expand. Bileko Car Parts partnered with Syncron because they are committed to optimizing parts availability throughout their network, resulting in a superior customer experience. Syncron’s user-friendly, intuitive nature made the implementation process smooth and fast, allowing Bileko Car Parts to unlock the full potential of their service parts inventory.

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Christofer Kohn, CEO/Managing Director, Bileko Car Parts and CFO, Mekonomen Company Sweden
Inventory management plays a crucial role in our daily operations. We are an automotive spare parts chain in the Nordics, and the way we compete with the OE companies and their workshop concepts is through price, speed, and availability. So managing inventory—ensuring that we have the right inventory in the right place to meet customer demands—is pivotal to our success.

The way that Syncron has helped us improve in inventory management is obviously that the branch manager can keep track of the high runners—that’s not a problem. It’s the outliers where we see the big benefit of having a planning tool like Syncron.

I do believe that this partnership will evolve. Within one of our business areas in Poland we’ve decided to implement Syncron there as well. And the strategic direction for MEKO as a group is to leverage Syncron across all the business areas because this is where we see link into availability. If we can link our entire supply chain across the different business areas in one system, that will also bring a higher degree of availability to our customers. This is a journey that we’re looking forward to embarking on for the coming years.

With a modern system like Syncron, we can continuously improve. And I think that a lot of companies might think that, okay, you implement the system, and then you’re done. It’s kind of when you implement the system that’s when the journey starts because implementing the system gives you new capabilities that you didn’t have before. And it’s leveraging those capabilities that will, step by step, inch by inch, take you further and hopefully you’ll do better than your competition. And that will then at the end of the day, show up in your own figures and profitability.